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Oscar Isaac Talks INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS, Preparing for the Role, Working with the Coen Brothers and T-Bone Burnett, and Balancing Acting and Music – From Academy Award winners Joel and Ethan Coen, Inside Llewyn Davis follows folk singer Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac), who is struggling to make it in the Greenwich Village folk scene of 1961. Relying on friends for a couch to sleep on and scrounging for whatever work he can find, Llewyn attempts to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, many of which are of his own making, while never really catching a break.

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The Coens' 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Is Coming For The Oscars With December Release Date Locked Down – So, is the premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in just a couple of weeks the start of a long haul awards season run for the Coen Brothers' "Inside Llewyn Davis"? CBS Films is banking on it as they've now marked the calendar with release date for one of the most anticipated movies of the year.

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CBS Films Acquires Coen Brothers' 'Inside Llewyn Davis'

Inside Llewyn Davis – EXCLUSIVE: CBS Films has landed domestic distribution rights to Joel and Ethan Coen’s Inside Llewyn Davis. The film attracted heavy interest after its first screening was held last week on the Sony lot, one that drew a music crowd, a constellation of movie stars and numerous studio execs. The result was, everybody got hot and bothered about the film. 7 years 24 weeks ago via donnieyen

Joel And Ethan Coen's 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Gets Early Showing On Sony Lot

Inside Llewyn Davis – EXCLUSIVE: Who says all the hot film acquisition action is taking place in Berlin? The first screening of Inside Llewyn Davis quietly took place last Saturday night in a screening room on the Sony lot. That’s the new film by Joel and Ethan Coen that takes place in the folk music circuit in downtown New York’s Greenwich Village in the 60s. 7 years 26 weeks ago via jetli

Oscar Isaac Offers Musical, Plot Details on Coen Brothers' 'Inside Llewyn Davis' – He'll grab the lead role -- and lead guitar -- in the upcoming 1960s-set film. 8 years 1 week ago via brucelee
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