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Box Office Shocker: 'The Purge' Tops Friday With $16.7 Mil, Headed for $38 Mil Weekend – The $3 million pic is vastly overperforming; Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson comedy struggles as it eyes $19 million weekend for possible fourth-place finish. 7 years 9 weeks ago via brucelee

Box Office Report: Friday Returns Show 'The Purge' Beating 'The Internship' – The microbudgeted thriller could cross $30 million in its domestic debut; Shawn Levy's Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson comedy may only come in at $17 million. 7 years 9 weeks ago via theothersenhman

'The Purge' recoups $3 million production budget in midnight shows – In its first night of release, Universal Pictures' micro-budgeted thriller "The Purge" starring Ethan Hawke earned back its $3 million production budget. 7 years 9 weeks ago via jackiechan
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The Purge

The Purge
If on one night every year, you could commit any crime without facing consequences, what would you do? In The Purge, a speculative thriller that follows one family over the course of a single night, four people will be tested to see how far they will go to protect themselves when the vicious...
James DeMonaco
June 07, 2013
Horror, Thriller