Full Trailer, Open Windows


Elijah Wood wants to rescue Sasha Grey in ‘Open Windows’ trailer

insidemovies.ew.com – he first trailer is here for Open Windows, a low-budget Hitchcockian thriller for the digital age. Elijah Wood plays Nick Chambers, a 6 years 27 weeks ago via brucelee

Elijah Wood Tries To Save Sasha Grey Through His Computer In First 'Open Windows' Trailer

cinemablend.com – echnology has not only given us new ways to tell stories, but also new ways to make movies as well. This explains Open Windows, an ambitious new thriller from director Nacho Vigalando, the new trailer of which is above. Apparently the entire film is told from the perspective of multiple open windows on a computer, which is a clever way of presenting multiple points of view. 6 years 27 weeks ago via jackiechan

Watch: Elijah Wood Tries To Log On With Porn Star Sasha Grey In Trailer For Nacho Vigalondo's 'Open Windows'

fb.indiewire.com – It seems every few months comes another movie about celebrity obsession and/or the perils of being on the internet, and very few have anything original to say. Which brings us to "Open Windows," an upcoming thriller that looks like a remake of "Getaway" with a laptop instead of a car. 7 years 24 weeks ago via donnieyen
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