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The San Sebastian Film Festival announced this morning that Alejandro Amenabar's thriller Regression will open their 63rd edition. The festival runs from September 18th through 26th. Set in Minnesota in 1990, detective Bruce Kenner is investigating a strange case involving Angela, who has accused her father of a terrible crime. When the father confesses his guilt, a renowned psychologist is brought in to assist.Regression stars Emma Watson, Ethan Hawke, David Thewlis and Aaron Ashmore.... [Read the whole post on]

Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson contend with a cult in the Regression trailer The beginning of the year saw an international trailer for Alejandro Amenabar's (THE SEA INSIDE, THE OTHERS) latest thriller, but now we have a brand new trailer that's sure to send some creepy vibes your way. REGRESSION follows a young girl (Emma Watson) who is sexually abused by her father. This heinous act is just the tip of the iceberg as they seem to be at the very center of a... Read More...

Watch the English trailer for Regression feat. Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson Yesterday we got a taste of Alejandro Amenabar's REGRESSION, albeit in lovely Spanish, but today we have that same international trailer for you in English. The plot revolves around that of a girl (Emma Watson) who reveals that her father and others did some heinous acts. As it happens, the father claims to have no recollection, and Ethan Hawke is left to figure out what's real and what... Read More...


Ethan Hawke Says Richard Linklater's 'Boyhood' Should Arrive in 2014 – Earlier this summer, while making the rounds for the spectacular Before Midnight (which is still my favorite film of the year for now), Ethan Hawke predicted that the long in production Richard Linklater project Boyhood (also known as Growing Up or The 12-Year Project) would be done in about two years. 7 years 33 weeks ago via jetli

Exclusive: Ethan Hawke Confirms 'Before Sunset' Sequel Developing In Greece

Before Midnight – When Ethan Hawke spoke with MTV News for his upcoming horror film "Sinister," he called all the way from Greece. If you've been keeping up with film rumors lately, this might mean something to you, since there has been a rash of reports claiming that Hawke is currently there with Richard Linklater, filming a follow-up to "Before Sunset." Well, that's partially right.

8 years 33 weeks ago via jetli
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