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Photo galleries launched!

10:49 PM 11/2/2011 by Binh Ngo
Senh completed the landing page for the photo galleries today and it can be accessed in the All tab. See the above picture. Right now, the galleries can only be ordered one way, but, hopefully, we'll add more sort options later. In the mean time, check out some of the galleries below or head over to the gallery page to browse through what we have so far.

AddThis Button is Useless Today

4:03 PM 11/1/2011 by Senh Duong
I use AddThis buttons on MWB and Wopular. It's a useful widget that adds social media buttons on a website's pages so users can easily share articles on various social networks. Today, it's been useless. It's unreachable. I hope they get their act together soon. It's slowing down both of my sites. UPDATE 2:

We Just Moved To Another Datacenter

3:20 PM 10/5/2011 by Senh Duong
Because of our recent site outages as documented by Binh and I at Wopular, we've decided to move MoviesWithButter to another hopefully more stable datacenter. The move was done last night and didn't went as smooth as I thought, so we were out for additional hours when you were probably sleeping.

Why the MoviesWithButter went down today

8:42 PM 10/3/2011 by Binh Ngo
Well, this certainly was an unproductive day. Our hosting provider was DDoSed for some unknown, and possibly malicious, reason causing MoviesWithButter to be unreachable for a couple of hours.

Just Launched a Bunch of Columns and Blogs

5:42 PM 9/27/2011 by Senh Duong
On the homepage, you'll see a new sub-menu with the following items: What's Popping, Trailer Hopping, Fist of Fury, Binh's Blog, and my blog. Binh and I decided that maybe we should each do a weekly column and maintain a blog. What's Popping is Binh's weekly recap of the top news of the week. Fist of Fury is my column about Asian cinema, mostly martial arts movies from HK/China.
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