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Fox From a terrible opening weekend at the box office and some last-minute reshoots needed the avoid some Captain Marvel connections, Dark Phoenix isn’t doing so well. Director Simon Kinberg recently took credit for the latest X-Men movie’s failures. “It clearly is a movie that didn’t connect with audiences that didn’t see it, it didn’t connect enough with audiences that did see it,” he said.

X-Men editor John Ottman shares abandoned script centered on Beast Despite the countless number of mutants to call themselves X-Men, the only two who were ever given their own film in the franchise are Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds). It's not for lack of trying, but every other X-MEN spin-off wound up stuck in development hell (looking at you, Gambit), including a potential film centered around Beast (Nicholas Hoult). John Ottman,… Read More...

Evan Peters says X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be "much darker" than Apocalypse Fox has been taking big risks with their comic book movie slate recently, with both DEADPOOL movies embracing their crude R ratings while LOGAN acted as a gritty, bloody drama. Even the upcoming NEW MUTANTS is embracing a horror movie style. There’s room now for the upcoming X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX to take a few risks, and star Evan Peters says this will be a much darker outing for the mutant crew.... Read More...

New Details On Cyclops' Role In X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX; It Sounds Like Scott Summers Will Finally Become A LeaderNew Details On Cyclops' Role In X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX; It Sounds Like Scott Summers Will Finally Become A Leader Cyclops' role in X-Men: The Last Stand was a major disappointment but X-Men: Dark Phoenix's take on the Dark Phoenix Saga looks set to make up for that based on new comments from Simon Kinberg...

How Magneto Fits Into X-Men: Dark Phoenix; Genosha Confirmed In X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Magneto will be ruler of the island nation of Genosha and will run into Jean Grey. It’s gradually becoming clear that next year’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be very different to the comic book story. One of the major differences is clearly the fact that Michael Fassbender is reprising the role of Magneto in the film. The character wasn’t part of the original comic book storyline, and fans have been excitedly speculating as to just what role the Master of Magnetism will play.

Is Fox’s X-Men Show Using Age of X As Source Material? Art by Olivier Coipel Since writing a post covering some character confirmations in Fox’s Matt Nix penned new X-Men TV show, under the working title of Gifted, I have been building a bit of an idea. Most X-Men films have loosely based themselves, or taken inspiration, or thematic ideas, from the comics story arcs as a source. X2 has elements of God Loves, Man Kills, The Last Stand used Dark Phoenix Saga and Gifted, Days of Future Past had, well, Days of Future Past.

The X-Men Cinematic Universe is definitely a unique beast among the superhero universes. Marvel Studios pioneered the idea of shared universes, and since 2008, things have been relatively straightforward in that world. The same could be said of the DC Extended Universe. While the future of the film franchise is still getting shuffled around after Justice League, the actual narrative structure of the movies are easy enough to follow.The same can not be said of the X-Men films.

X-Men’s Nicholas Hoult to Play Nikolai Tesla in The Current War The historical rivalry between two of the 19th century’s greatest minds, electricity magnates Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse, will be the subject for two upcoming film projects. Whereas Black Bear Pictures The Last Days Of Night will explore these events from the perspective of a lawyer dealing with the inventors’ battle over patents, The Weinstein Company’s project The Current War looks set to focus on these two extreme central personalities.

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X-Men: Apocalypse

Bryan Singer
May 27, 2016