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Willem Dafoe & Jean-Marc Barr Join Lars Von Trier's 'The Nymphomaniac,' Nicole Kidman Drops Out

Willem Dafoe
fb.indiewire.com – With production now underway, the cast for Lars Von Trier's upcoming hard and softcore erotic drama "The Nymphomaniac" with some regulars coming on, and one big name dropping out. Rumored since last year, Willem Dafoe ("Manderlay," "Antichrist") and Jean-Marc Barr ("Dogville," "Breaking The Waves") are among the director's previous collaborators to join, while Nicole Kidman, previously slated for a small role, has dropped out citing scheduling conflicts with her currently shooting "Grace Of Monaco." 9 years 37 weeks ago via theothersenhman

Uma Thurman Joins Cast of Lars Von Trier's 'Nymphomaniac'

Uma Thurman
feedproxy.google.com – The hard-core erotic drama is currently in production in Germany. 9 years 38 weeks ago via jackiechan

Whiskey Bay

Posted August 27th, 2012 by Binh Ngo

Based on a true story about a Baton Rouge detective who managed to bring down a powerful criminal organization.


Indie Feature 'Whiskey Bay' Sets Cast

deadline.com – EXCLUSIVE: Hatfields & McCoys‘ Tom Berenger, Amy Smart, Bill Duke, Neal McDonough, Christopher Marquette and Frederick Weller have been set to join Matt Dillon and Willem Dafoe in the dramatic-thriller Whiskey Bay. The film is a co-production between CB Productions, ANA Media and Mandalay Vision, and shooting is just getting underway in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

9 years 44 weeks ago via jetli

Finding Nemo

Posted August 21st, 2012 by Binh Ngo

Nemo, an adventurous young clownfish, is unexpectedly taken to a dentist's office aquarium. It's up to Marlin (Albert Brooks), his worrisome father, and Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), a friendly but forgetful Regal Blue Tang, to make the epic journey to bring Nemo home. Their adventure brings them face-to-face with vegetarian sharks, surfer dude turtles, hypnotic jellyfish, hungry seagulls, and more.


Willem Dafoe is 'A Most Wanted Man'

Willem Dafoe
comingsoon.net – Although the project was set to move forward earlier this year with Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Rachel McAdams, Variety is now reporting that A Most Wanted Man will instead star Robin Wright and, just added, Willem Dafoe. 9 years 46 weeks ago via donnieyen

Who Might Star in Wes Anderson's Next Film?

feedproxy.google.com – Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom is currently riding high at the specialty box office, but the filmmaker has already turned his attentions to his next project, a yet-untitled film set in Europe. Twitch reports that Anderson has already approached his former stars Owen Wilson, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Willem Dafoe, and ... 9 years 51 weeks ago via jackiechan

Willem Dafoe confirms Lars von Trier 'Nymphomaniac' role

Willem Dafoe
digitalspy.com – Willem Dafoe tells DS he will be working with Lars von Trier again. 9 years 51 weeks ago via brucelee

Willem Dafoe Still Baffled By Failure Of 'John Carter'; New Pixar Stamps Introduced

fb.indiewire.com – Today "John Carter" will be released on DVD and Blu-ray and, presumably, will be seen by a much larger audience than what turned up it when it was released theatrically this past spring. (The Blu-ray is a handsome, features-packed affair well worth picking up if you feel any love for the movie.) The film, which Disney recently admitted would cost the studio $200 million in lost profit, quickly became a cautionary fable about what happens when you try to launch a franchise based on a century-old property that no one much remembers anymore. 10 years 4 weeks ago via jackiechan

A Most Wanted Man

Posted May 22nd, 2012 by Binh Ngo

When a half-Chechen, half-Russian, brutally tortured immigrant turns up in Hamburg’s Islamic community, laying claim to his father’s ill-gotten fortune, both German and US security agencies take a close interest: as the clock ticks down and the stakes rise, the race is on to establish this most wanted man’s true identity - oppressed victim or destruction-bent extremist?

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