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Wonder Woman Marketing Costs Are Currently More Than Suicide Squad’s Despite some audible concern from fans, Warner Bros. looks to be giving Wonder Woman its fair share of marketing and promotion… so far, at least. That’s not surprising necessarily either, since last year, the studio brought three of their most well-known superheroes onscreen together for the first time in Batman V Superman, and were still met with some very divisive reactions from fans regarding the actual quality of the film itself. So now this year, not only is Warner Bros.

Ray Fisher has signed with CAA, the agency announced Friday. Fisher is best known for his role as Victor Stone aka “Cyborg” in the DC Cinematic Universe.

New ‘Wonder Woman’ TV Spots Focus On Humor, Battle, And The God Of War Warner Bros. Well, well, well. After days of concern and consternation bubbling on social media that Warner Bros. is dropping the ball with their promotion of Wonder Woman, two new TV spots have finally appeared, both with new footage and both focusing on different aspects of director Patty Jenkins’ film. The first one, entitled “Together,” shows Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) trying to explain his relationship with Diana (Gal Gadot) to some graybeards of authority. The bit is interspersed with shots of Wonder Woman kicking the Central Powers up and down the European countryside.

Gal Gadot came pretty close to actually becoming a real Wonder Woman when she returned to Leavesden Studios outside London to finish some reshoots for Wonder Woman. It was November of last year, and Gadot was five months pregnant with her second child, her baby bump conspicuously showing. But through some movie magic and some plain old female badassery, Gadot filmed the reshoots without a hitch, showing us all up. Find out how Gal Gadot shot Wonder Woman pregnant after the jump. Reshoots are a regular part of the filmmaking process, as is working around actresses’ pregnancies.

'Justice League' International Trailer: Batman Makes Some New Super-Friends This new international trailer for Justice League isn’t nearly as long as the domestic trailers, but the latest sneak peek at Zack Snyder’s ambitious superhero team-up should hold you over until the next full-length preview drops. And despite its compact runtime, it does feature a little bit of new footage while teasing the mysterious new villain that will bring these heroic titans together, all set to a generic heavy rock cover of The Beatles’ “Come Together” that was clearly lifted from Snyder’s iPod circa 2001. Continue reading…

Wonder Woman’s Iconic Moment: The Pre-History Of The Character As Revealed In The Wonder Woman Film The more we’ve seen and heard about the Wonder Woman film, the more I’ve become intrigued by its use of World War I to help set the stage for the character.  We’re so used to our iconic heroes emerging from the turmoil of World War II — a notion which echoes very strongly in comic books to this day — that you might think the First Great War is an odd choice here as part of a DCEU that seeks to define these comic book icons for current generations and beyond. But it’s actually very clever.

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot are teasing Diana Prince’s ‘big hero moment’ in the upcoming film. The next installment in the DC Extended Universe, Jenkins’ movie goes back in time to explore Diana’s journey from budding superhero to disillusioned warrior and her subsequent ‘rebirth’ as a hero in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. While Wonder Woman includes scenes featuring Diana as a child, the bulk of the film centers around her experience fighting in WWI – after the U.S.

Justice League Actor Says His Scene Wasn’t ‘Comic Booky’ Today’s age of comic book movies really is an embarrassment of riches. Growing up, I remember assuming that any film based on my favorite comic book characters would likely fall short, and end up being a boring shadow of what I’d hoped it would be. Nowadays, we have the likes of Marvel Studios, Fox, and DC churning out ridiculously faithful fare that would be the envy of any comic book fan in decades past.Of course, not every film is perfect.

News Briefs: 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.' Sequel in the Works The Man from U.N.C.L.E.: Armie Hammer, who starred in The Man from U.N.C.L.E., says that a script for a sequel is being written by Lionel Wigram, who produced and cowrote the original. As of yet, however, there is no official confirmation that Warner Bros. is funding or developing a sequel. [Slashfilm]   Clifton James: Perhaps best known for his role as Sheriff Pepper in the James Bond adventures Live and Let Die (above) and The Man with the Golden Gun, Clifton James enjoyed a...Read MoreRead Comments

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