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Octavia Spencer Bought Out a 'Hidden Figures' Showing for Low-Income Families Like many American moviegoers, I caught the new film Hidden Figures over the weekend. And throughout the true-to-life account of three pioneering women of color that broke boundaries at NASA, one thought kept reoccurring to me (well, two, if you count my realization that I am deeply in love with Janelle Monae): that much like the Wu-Tang, Hidden Figures is for the children. The story’s prevailing message that gender or skin color shouldn’t hinder anyone from achieving excellence is precisely what the youth in this country need, arguably now more than ever.

Ben Affleck Has Had Enough Of Being Asked About THE BATMAN; "It's Such A Pain In The Ass" Poor Ben Affleck had to endure the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice press tour after those scathing reviews were released, and now his latest movie Live by Night - which also isn't faring too well with critics - has been dominated by talk of The Batman. Based on the interview clip below, the actor and director has had enough of it, and he once again assures fans that he's making it and they'll love it. Despite everything we've heard, it's hard to imagine the Caped Crusader's solo movie not happening at this point.

Rogue One Passes Finding Dory at 2016 Domestic Box Office Rogue One: A Star Wars Story continued its massive run at the box office in its fifth week in theaters. Although its streak at No. 1 in the weekly box office is poised to end, with awards season contender Hidden Figures expected to take over the top spot, Rogue One has bigger aspirations in mind. After blowing by Captain America: Civil War’s domestic box office total of about $408 million, Rogue One had its eye on Finding Dory for the No. 1 spot on the yearly box office leaderboard.

Ben Affleck Wants a Better Batsuit If He Directs The Batman Ben Affleck wants a more comfortable Batsuit before he officially commits to directing The Batman.

Ben Affleck Plans to ‘Embrace’ The Pressure of Making Batman Before his days as the Dark Knight of Gotham, Ben Affleck built up an impressive track record in recent years, proving not only his talent in front of the camera but behind it. Affleck’s directorial outings have all been critical success stories, leading fans to favor the idea of him directing the next Batman solo film.

The 'Wonder Woman' Villain Has Been Revealed The awesome trailers and posters for Wonder Woman play up the movie’s heroes: Gal Gadot as Princess Diana, who leaves behind her home of Themyscira to join the world of men; Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor, a World War I pilot who becomes her love interest, and Connie Nielsen’s Queen Hippolyta, Diana’s mother. The marketing does a great job of selling the movie’s action, tone, and mood — but it’s barely addressed who, if anyone is the movie’s primary villain. Continue reading…

WONDER WOMAN: It Looks Like Ares Has Finally Been Confirmed As The Villain Of The Piece In addition to debuting some cool new BTS images from the Wonder Woman movie last night, French publication Studio Cine Live also seems to have confirmed that Ares will be one of the villains. The mag followed up some quotes by actor Chris Pine by stating that the God of War would attempt to use some kind of gas devised from the formulas Steve Trevor stole to end all human life. Here's a translation courtesy of Les Toiles Héroïques: “Behind these scientific formulas, there is a deadly gas that could well annihilate humanity.

Ben Affleck Gives 'The Batman' Update, Says Chill Out, He's Working On It Ben Affleck is frustrated. And who could blame him? Anyone who dons Batman’s iconic cape and mask is immediately the center of superhero fans’ attention, both positive and negative. But Affleck doesn’t just want to live in a Batman bubble and only be asked about Batman. (Valid, but what did you expect dude?) Continue reading…

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