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Call of Duty Movie Aims for Sicario 2 Director Sicario 2 Director Stefano Sollima is reportedly in negotiations to direct the Call of Duty movie for Activision Studios.

Sicario 2 director in talks to helm Call of Duty movie The CALL OF DUTY video game franchise has become popular for immersing players in gripping combat scenarios and absorbing stories…and for allowing teens to call each other horrible names over multiplayer mode. But the first bit is what could make for a great movie, and Activision Blizzard Studios is eager to get one going and may have already enlisted a director. Variety got the exclusive that the... Read More...

Call of Duty is a lot of things. Literally. There are well over two dozen stand-alone video games in the franchise. Some are World War II games, others are futuristic shooters. Some are zombie-slaying simulators. Some even have ghosts, though not the supernatural kind. One thing Call of Duty is not, however, is a movie franchise. But Call of Duty owner Activision Blizzard is really hoping to change that. The games studio has been talking about making movies for quite some time now,...Read MoreRead Comments

Activision Looking To Create Marvel Style Cinematic Universe Based On Call Of Duty Franchise Anybody who’s anybody nowadays has their own interconnected cinematic universe. Marvel has one. Fox one using Marvel’s best characters. DC has one. Star Wars has one. Hasbro and Ghostbusters are working on them. Even Rob Liefeld is getting his own cinematic universe. If you don’t have a cinematic universe, why the @#$% are you even making movies? It’s in that landscape that Activision has announced plans to create a cinematic universe like Marvel’s based on their Call of Duty video game franchise.

Activision Blizzard Launches Film & TV Studio: Call of Duty Movies Coming? Activation Blizzard owns some of the biggest franchises in the world, including Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Skylanders. On top of direct game sales, the company has also earned over $1.5 billion so far this year from subscriptions, licensing and similar revenue sources. At its 2015 Blizzcon event, Activision Blizzard announced it will expand to add yet another source of revenue: a long-rumored feature film and television production studio called Activision Blizzard Studios.

The last time Taylor Kitsch and director Peter Berg teamed up to adapt a live-action version of a popular game, the world suffered through a 'Battleship' movie. Now, Kitsch and Berg have reteamed for a live-action trailer for the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare game, and even at just under two minutes, it's already better than 'Battleship.' Continue reading…

Russia's Record-Breaking "Stalingrad" on IMAX 3D

5:47 PM 2/25/2014 by Senh Duong
I went to a screening of Stalingrad on IMAX 3D last week. It wasn’t a promotional screening because it was in the middle of the working day, and there were only several others in attendance. I sat right in the middle of the theater to try and get completely immersed in the film -- you know, the whole IMAX 3D experience.

John Woo Tries to Sell $50M Romance "The Crossing" in Berlin

11:45 AM 2/7/2014 by Senh Duong
John Woo's "The Crossing"
Will distributors want to buy a romance from John Woo in the Berlin Film Festival? Described as a Chinese Titanic, The Crossing is John Woo’s second most expensive Chinese production to date -- the film cost $50M.

Kristen Stewart Goes Marine in Sundance Hit Camp X-Ray

2:00 AM 1/24/2014 by Fred Topel
Camp X-Ray
One of the first big buzz movies at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival is Camp X-Ray. Kristen Stewart stars as a woman who signs up for the military and gets stationed as a guard at Guantanamo Bay. At the Q&A following the film’s premiere, Stewart told the audience she learned from a real Marine.
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