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Venom 2 Aims for R-Rating, The Irishman Star Stephen Graham Joins Cast The cast of Venom 2 continues to grow as Stephen Graham has joined the possibly R-rated sequel in an undisclosed role.

The Cast of ‘The Batman’ Challenges and Supports the Dark Knight Mythology With The Batman, director Matt Reeves wants to get inside the head of Bruce Wayne in a way that previous films never allowed. He’s on record as saying that his take on the character will be noir-driven, plunging into the broken psyche of a child who reconstructed himself into a semi-functioning human being by wearing a mask of vengeance. Reeves claims that his film is anchored to the point-of-view of his lead, hopefully splintering in other directions only when necessary to flesh out Bruce Wayne’s experience.

Black Panther Fight Was Cut from Avengers: Endgame Ending The King of Wakanda was to feature in a one-on-one battle shortly after his resurrection.

The Batman Wants Colin Farrell as Penguin & Andy Serkis as Alfred Casting continues to heat up for Matt Reeves' The Batman as both Andy Serkis and Colin Farrell are poised to join in key roles.

Venom 2 might team Carnage with a second baddie in Shriek The anti-hero Venom is hulking, vicious, has lots of pointy teeth, and has been known to turn men into turds in the wind. He’s hard to take down, so it’s understandable that for the sequel Woody Harrelson’s villainous Cletus Kasaday/Carnage will need to team up with someone in order to come out victorious, and reports are now surfacing that the movie will give him that… Read More...

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Spider-Man spinoff featuring the alien creature Venom.
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