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"Furious 7" Breaks Open the Gates of the Summer Movie Season

1:43 PM 4/1/2015 by Senh Duong
Paul Walker in "Furious 7"
First things first: Paul Walker would be proud of this. It’s an action franchise that will please its huge and ever-growing fanbase. He gets to go two rounds with Thai martial arts star Tony Jaa and gets the last laugh. Not a bad way to go. Overall, Walker’s scenes are quite seamless.


Fast 7: That's a Wrap, Rock – Director James Wan took to social media to announce that two of his action stars -- Dwayne Johnson and Tony Jaa -- have wrapped shooting their scenes on next year's Fast and the Furious 7. Picture-wrap on @TheRock! One of the best peeps I've ever worked with. Laughter & professionalism!

7 years 45 weeks ago via brucelee

Tony Jaa to Star in Hong Kong Action Film 'SPL II' – The film is directed by Cheang Pou-soi and features a fusion of Chinese and Thai martial arts. 7 years 48 weeks ago via donnieyen

Simon Yam and "The Grandmaster"'s Max Zhang Join Tony Jaa and Wu Jing in "SPL 2"

1:35 AM 4/2/2014 by Senh Duong
Simon Yam and Max Zhang in "SPL 2"
Last week, while walking around the Filmart, I picked up a promotional flyer for SPL II, a sequel to Donnie Yen’s cop thriller known for its Mixed Martial Arts infused fight choreography. It’s the first collaboration between director Wilson Yip, Sammo Hung, and Donnie Yen that would eventually lead to Ip Man. SPL wasn’t a box office hit locally, grossing a measly HK $7.4M ($1M US), but it gained a following with action fans worldwide through film festivals and home video.

Tony Jaa And Dolph Lundgren Trade Blows In First SKIN TRADE Teaser – What difference does a director make? Rather a lot, really, and after years of toil with Ong Bak helmer Prachya Pinkaew Thai martial artist Tony Jaa has hooked up with Beautiful Boxer helmer Ekachai Uekrongtham and based on the production teaser posted to the film's Facebook page a few days back the step up in quality could be remarkable. 8 years 7 weeks ago via theothersenhman

Tony Jaa Resumes Production on "Fast and Furious 7"

5:09 PM 3/20/2014 by Senh Duong
Vin Diesel and Tony Jaa in "Fast and Furious 7"
According to an interview with Action Elite, international action star Tony Jaa will rejoin the cast in June to finish his scenes for Fast and Furious 7. He had already shot some scenes with the late Paul Walker, and those scenes will apparently be kept in the film -- looks like the producers will try to preserve as much footage with Walker as they can to celebrate and honor him.

First Trailer for THE PROTECTOR 2 Starring Tony Jaa – You saw our exclusive poster premiere for Prachya Pinkaew's The Protector 2, right? Well now you can watch Tony Jaa and RZA in motion in the newly released trailer for the action-packed sequel. Don't worry your pretty little head about the plot of this one; just know that it takes the fights, stunts and action sequences to a whole new level. 8 years 11 weeks ago via jackiechan

Exclusive Poster Premiere for THE PROTECTOR 2 Starring Tony Jaa and RZA – We're happy to bring you our exclusive premiere of the fiery-fisted poster for The Protector 2, starring Tony Jaa. Directed by Prachya Pinkaew, this action-packed sequel sees Kham (Jaa) framed for murder, forcing him to run from both the police and those seeking revenge. Along the way, Kham also gets tangled up with an Interpol agent and a crime lord who runs an underground fighting ring, all while trying to prove his innocence and rescue his beloved elephant. 8 years 12 weeks ago via jetli

BREAKING: Tony Jaa Signs To Star Opposite Wu Jing In SPL 2. – It has long been speculated as to when, exactly, Thai action star Tony Jaa would turn up in a Hong Kong action film and who he would star with should such a thing come to pass. Well, we now have those answers with word coming out of Hong Kong that Jaa has officially signed to star opposite Wu Jing in SPL 2 with production slated to start in spring 2014, presumably after Jaa's commitments to The Fast And The Furious 7 have wrapped up. 8 years 26 weeks ago via theothersenhman

Thai Box Office: Uh-Oh, Tony Jaa's Comeback Film "Tom Yum Goong 2" Kinda Tanked

12:06 PM 10/31/2013 by Senh Duong
Tony Jaa in "Tom Yum Goong 2"
The weekend box office numbers for Thailand are finally available, and it doesn’t look good for Tony Jaa’s comeback film “Tom Yum Goong 2.” Based on just its opening day figure, I thought the film would do ok. Not so anymore.
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