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Review: NIGHTCRAWLER, A Modern Masterpiece About Media And Obsession Soon after seeing this film, I just kind of blurted out what this film meant to me when talking to fellow critics. It may be premature to declare it as such, but what the hell: Nightcrawler is my Network. Sidney Lumet's 1976 film is a scathing commentary on the news business, but it's also mildly preposterous. As a film it's magnificent, with some stunning performances, but there's a heightened theatricality to the work, an operatic quality about being mad as hell that's infectious while at the same time implausible.

Exclusive 1:1 Interview: Nightcrawler Star Jake Gyllenhaal! Over the past few years Jake Gyllenhaal has become one of the most exciting actors working today. His work in ENEMY, PRISONERS and END OF WATCH is terrific, as he continues to challenge himself and take on meatier roles. His latest only further proves what a fascinating talent he is. In NIGHTCRAWLER, he portrays Louis Bloom, a strange fellow who discovers he has a knack for videotaping horrific events which... Read More...

Watch: A Twisted Jake Gyllenhaal Crosses The Line In Wicked Red Band Trailer For ‘Nightcrawler’ Not to bring things back to Oscar, perhaps a lowest common denominator form of conversation for movies, but it would be some kind of shame if Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t get a well-deserved nomination for “Nightcrawler” because he’s all kinds of wicked and twisted worthy. Some pundits are questioning whether that’ll happen or not, but I suppose that’s someone else’s concern at the end of the day.


The Crow Reboot Shoot Set

IGN Movies - Fri, 2014-10-24 17:55

The Crow Reboot Shoot Set It can't rain all the time. After being caught in development hell for a number of years, The Crow reboot is set to start shooting next Spring. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter at the Abu Dhabi FIlm Festival, producer Edward R. Pressman dropped the news regarding the remake of the 1994 horror/action film. Pressman, who also worked on the original film, is returning to produce the remake, which is being helmed by F.

'The Crow' Remake Begins Shooting Spring 2015 Attending the Abu Dhabi Film Festival this week, producer Edward R. Pressman revealed that production begins on The Crow remake this spring, while revealing that no cast members have been confirmed at this time.We reported in May 2013 that Luke Evans (Dracula Untold, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug) had signed on to play Eric Draven, and the actor has spoke about the role in interviews over the past year. The Hollywood Reporter states that the actor is the "current favorite" for the role, which contradicts the May 2013 report that he has already signed on.

First Look At Adrianne Palicki's Mockingbird Suit In AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.; And, Yes, She's Blonde! Marvel have released the first official image of Adrianne Palicki in her tactical outfit now that she's once again working with S.H.I.E.L.D. Talking to the site, Costume Designer Ann Foley explained how this suit pays homage to the character's comic book origins. "It's important to me to keep certain elements, but we had to change it, obviously, for practicality, because it had to fit into our world. It had to have a kind of tactical feeling to it too so that it made sense in our universe.

The 1937 Movie More Cynical About Marriage Than ‘Gone Girl’ Columbia Pictures Gone Girl is a cynical movie. No doubt. It features two sociopaths working out their deeply troubled marital issues in the public eye with just the right amount of bloodshed. Yet in more than a few ways, it could be an unofficial remake of The Awful Truth, Leo McCarey’s 1937 screwball comedy where two assholes realize that they want to stay married. The movie opens with Jerry Warriner (Cary Grant, naturally) lying to his wife about a trip to Florida (complete with sunlamp sessions at the gym and fake letters).

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