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Scott Z. Burns to Rewrite Bond 25 Script for Cary Fukunaga The Playlist reported earlier today that Scott Z. Burns will rewrite Cary Joji Fukunaga's upcoming BOND 25. The latest installment in MGM's secret agent series will be pushed back two months, changing its release date from Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2020 to the new date of April 8th, 2020, the Wednesday before Easter. As previously reported,… Read More...

Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ Movie and James Bond 25 Hire New Writers Marvel’s forthcoming Black Widow movie and MGM’s 25th installment in the long-running James Bond franchise are both moving towards production this year. While Marvel’s spy thriller starring Scarlett Johansson likely won’t be in front of cameras until this summer, the next 007 mission with Daniel Craig is looking to start shooting in April. But before either of them get in front of cameras, they’re getting rewrites from new scribes.

Chrononauts: Mark Millar Wants Chris Pratt & Chris Hemsworth to Star Mark Millar should be a familiar name to fans of comic-book film adaptations. The comic creator has an impressive back catalog of movies, including Wanted, Kick-Ass and the hugely successful Kingsman: The Secret Service. He’s also the writer of the Marvel event ‘Civil War’, which was recently adapted for the big screen in Captain America: Civil War. Now, another Millar comic is making its way to the big screen: Chrononauts.

Disaster Averted: John Legend Will Perform Songs From ‘La La Land’ At The Oscars Summit Entertainment For those sweating over Ryan Gosling possibly taking the stage at the Oscars, you can calm down. The La La Land star will not be forced to sing some of the film’s many songs alongside Emma Stone, putting his live voice to the test against the likes of Justin Timberlake and Sting. John Legend will take on the musical performances, joining Lin-Manuel Miranda and Timberlake who will be representing Moana and Trolls respectively.

TV Review: The Flash - Season 3 Episode 12 "Untouchable" EPISODE 12: "Untouchable" SYNOPSIS: Barry and the team at S.T.A.R. Labs work together to bring down Clive Yorkin, a criminal meta-human who is methodically killing people by causing them to decompose at an accelerated rate. Joe becomes his next target but it’s Iris who is caught in the crossfire. The Flash... Read More...

Cisco Gets His Groove On As Gypsy Comes To Town On The Flash This article will contain spoilers for The Flash episode – Dead or Alive. . . . . . The latest episode of The Flash was a nice move back to some of the more fun episodes the series can do. It wasn’t comical, but it had the edges of lightheartedness even with a couple of series topics going on… something the show has always been good at. Laughing in the face of danger. The episode introduces us to Gypsy, a Collector from Earth-19 sent to apprehend H. R. Wells and return him for execution. His crime? He travelled to a parallel Earth.

Rogue One: VFX Team Reveals Fate of Rebel Fleet Heroes Rogue One: A Star Wars Story paved a lot of new territory for the Star Wars franchise as the first stand-alone spinoff movie. While it took place during events in which fans were already well versed, there was still new ground covered and new details about the Star Wars universe were revealed. The ultimate result of the movie was never a mystery.

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