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Weekend Box Office Report: 'Non-Stop' Tops Chart...Somehow

6:00 PM 3/2/2014 by Logan Falk
Given the relatively poor reception this latest batch of new releases received, most people would’ve expected another good weekend for The Lego Movie, and modest earnings for our new releases. However, both new releases were able to make it to the top two spots on the charts, probably because any real film competition they might have had is several weeks old.

Weekend Box Office Report: ‘Lego’ Staying Strong

7:10 PM 2/23/2014 by Logan Falk
The Lego Movie
With the mediocre (at best) quality of our new releases, it’s little surprise that the lauded Lego Movie is sitting easily and comfortably at the top of the charts once more. Since there are no surprises, it’s a pretty short report this weekend, so let’s get to it.

Weekend Box Office Report: ‘The Lego Movie’ Stays on Top

3:20 PM 2/16/2014 by Logan Falk
The Lego Movie
Even with four new releases crowding their way into theaters over the weekend, The Lego Movie had very little trouble keeping its spot on top of the box office charts. However, given that most of the new releases were buried in negative reviews, perhaps this isn’t the most surprising development ever.

Weekend Box Office Report: 'The Lego Movie' Blows the Roof Off the Box Office

7:19 PM 2/9/2014 by Logan Falk
The Lego Movie
The title is no exaggeration—after weeks of relatively small grosses pulled in by modest releases, The Lego Movie earned an unprecedented amount of money over the weekend, larger even than its hefty projected earnings. Hopefully, this will kick off a trend of more lively releases bringing more viewers to the box office.

New in Theaters: 'The Monuments Men,' 'The Lego Movie,' 'Vampire Academy'

9:16 PM 2/7/2014 by Logan Falk
The Monuments Men
We’ve another diverse group of new releases coming into theaters this weekend—a war drama based on a true story that you’ll have to see to believe, the latest young adult film featuring some kind of supernatural being, and the unlikely hero, an animated film utilizing popular children’s (and many adult’s) toys.

Critics Consensus: The Lego Movie Is Certified Fresh – This week at the movies, we've got little plastic people (The Lego Movie, with voice performances from Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Banks), art adventurers (The Monuments Men, starring George Clooney and Matt Damon), and fanged teenagers (Vampire Academy, starring Zoey Deutch 8 years 33 weeks ago via jackiechan

'Monuments Men' Premiere: George Clooney 'Excited' About New Release Date, Glad to Have Skipped 'Tough December' – The stars of the World War II drama also talked about turning a detailed, massive, historical work into an entertaining movie and cast member Bob Balaban shared a touching story about the late Philip Seymour Hoffman. 8 years 34 weeks ago via jetli

George Clooney Explains Why He’ll Never Join Twitter – George Clooney, this week’s Variety cover subject, wears so many different hats, it’s hard to keep track. He’s won Oscars for producing (“Argo”) and acting (“Syriana”) and critical acclaim for directing (“Good Night, and Good Luck”) and screenwriting (“The Ides of March”). When he’s not working on a movie, he’s trying to help save the... 8 years 34 weeks ago via jetli

John Goodman Talks THE MONUMENTS MEN, Honoring the World War II Generation, THE GAMBLER, Looking Back on THE BIG LEBOWSKI, SPEED RACER, and More – John Goodman turns in a moving performance in The Monuments Men as Walter Garfield, a role inspired by real-life Monuments Man Walker Hancock who was an acclaimed artist and St. Louis sculptor. Goodman’s character is part of a motley crew of art historians and museum curators who rush to the front lines of WWII in a race against time to save priceless works of art from Nazi thieves. 8 years 34 weeks ago via jetli

The Monuments Men and One Woman

4:08 PM 1/24/2014 by Sara Vizcarrondo
The publicity people at Sony have created a viral tumblr out of the journal of one the film’s characters. Claire Simone (played by Cate Blanchett) is based on a real life curator who took to espionage to recover works of art confiscated by the Nazis. This tumblr features excerpts from her “journal” and images from the film and could be a great lure to people interested in the real WWII drama on which the film’s based.

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The Monuments Men

The Monuments Men
Based on the true story of the greatest treasure hunt in history, The Monuments Men is an action-thriller focusing on an unlikely World War II platoon, tasked by FDR with going into Germany to rescue artistic masterpieces from Nazi thieves and returning them to their rightful owners. It would be an...
George Clooney
February 07, 2014