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'Legend of Conan' To Be A True Sequel To The Original You might recall that Hollywood attempted to reboot Conan a few years ago, with a new take that starred Jason Momoa. That attempt didn't go so well. Then, as Arnold Schwarzenegger left public office and dove back into being a movie star, word came out that he was not only revisiting Terminator but that he was also planning on picking up the sword and playing Conan The Barbarian again.

What's Popping: 'Ghostbusters' Reboot, 'Batman v Superman,' 'Legend of Conan,' 'Venom,' and 'The ExpendaBelles'

11:08 AM 8/9/2014 by Binh Ngo
Black Cat
Dan Aykroyd continues to hold out hope for Ghostbusters 3, but there's word now that Sony may have given up on the movie and will instead go with a reboot. The studio is reportedly courting Paul Feig to direct and produce this redo.

'The Legend of Conan' Might Shoot in Early 2015

10:02 AM 8/6/2014 by Binh Ngo
The Legend of Conan may begin production as soon as early 2015, according to producer Fredrik Malmberg. If the script is to Universal's liking, that is.

‘The Legend Of Conan’ Might Start Filming Spring 2015 – There’s a new Arnold Schwarzenegger film coming out next week, and next summer the action star will be back in one of his iconic roles for the new Terminator movie. If producers have their way, however, by that time Schwarzenegger will have already played Conan once more. Producers of The Legend of Conan, the long rumored sequel to the iconic ’80s sword and sandal epics, believe filming will begin in Spring 2015. 7 years 10 weeks ago via brucelee

"Legend of Conan" To Shoot Early 2015? – Producer Fredrik Malmberg says that the upcoming "The Legend of Conan," starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as an older version of his Conan the Barbarian character from the 1980s, is targeting a production start of Spring 2015 for a 2016 release. Speaking with, Malmberg says he's happy with Andrea Berloff's screenplay which is undergoing a polish at the moment:

7 years 10 weeks ago via brucelee

Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals More 'The Legend of Conan' Details – While The Legend of Conan still has a long road ahead before production starts, star Arnold Schwarzenegger, screenwriter Andrea Berloff, producer Fredrik Malmberg and original Conan The Barbarian star Sven-Ole Thorsen (Thorgrim) recently spoke about this highly-anticipated sequel with plot takes place several years after Conan The Barbarian, with the title character getting back into action as he must fight to keep his throne, and live up to his own legend. 7 years 32 weeks ago via brucelee

Arnold's New Conan Is His Unforgiven – It's been a bit over a year since we reported that Universal had plans to reboot Conan the Barbarian with Arnold Schwarzenegger once again in the titular role. Set to be produced by Fredrik Malmberg and Chris Morgan (The Fast and the Furious franchise and Wanted screenwriter), The Legend of Conan will follow what 1982's Conan the Barbarian established and disregard Conan the Destroyer and the 2011 Jason Momoa reboot. 7 years 37 weeks ago via theothersenhman

Andrea Berloff to Write 'The Legend of Conan'

4:31 PM 10/2/2013 by Binh Ngo
Andrea Berloff apparently knows what's good in life because the World Trade Center scribe has been hired to write the screenplay for The Legend of Conan, Deadline has learned. Arnold Schwarzenegger is still attached to star.

'Legend Of Conan' Lands Andrea Berloff To Script Arnold Schwarzenegger Epic Reprise – EXCLUSIVE: Universal Pictures has taken a step forward on the reboot of The Legend Of Conan, which will bring Arnold Schwarzenegger back as the brawny king. The studio has closed a deal with Andrea Berloff to write the script. Best known for scripting World Trade Center, Berloff most recently adapted the French action film Sleepless Night for Warner Bros. 8 years 2 weeks ago via jackiechan

There May Be More Movies After 'The Legend of Conan'

4:43 PM 7/29/2013 by Binh Ngo
According to Paradox Entertainment's chief executive Fredrik Malmberg (via The Arnold Fans), there will be more Conan movies if The Legend of Conan becomes a hit. "I think if this film is good and is well received, then I don't think we have to say NO to Arnold for several more movies," Malmberg said.

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