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China Is Now World's Second Largest Film Market Behind the U.S.

6:34 PM 11/8/2012 by Senh Duong
Painted Skin: Resurrection
It was just last year when China surpassed India and became the third largest film market in the world with $2B in annual box office revenue.

3 New Images From Wong Kar-Wai's 'The Grandmasters' – The next month or so is going to be a good time to be a Wong Kar-Wai fan. The director's long awaited "The Grandmasters" is finally headed to theaters in China, which means that in addition to the newly released trailer, we're likely going to see a lot more promo for the movie. 7 years 34 weeks ago via theothersenhman

Spectacular Full Trailer for Wong Kar Wai's THE GRANDMASTERS

The Grandmasters – It may have taken close to five years to make it to the screen, but Wong Kar Wai's The Grandmasters has finally finished shooting and appears to be committed to its 18 December release date. The film stars Tony Leung Chiu Wai as legendary wing chun practitioner Ip Man, with fight choreography from the legendary Yuen Wo Ping, and a supporting cast that boasts Zhang Zi Yi, Chang Chen, Cung Le, Bruce Leung Siu Lung and Wang Qingxiang. 7 years 34 weeks ago via brucelee

Quint has seen the first footage from Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive follow-up, ONLY GOD FORGIVES and Wong Kar Wai's The Grandmasters!

Only God Forgives – This footage was all part of a mystery presentation that was hosted by Cannes Festival head Thierry Fremaux. I received a mystery email about 45 minutes prior to the footage running, saying I should be in a certain theater by a certain time for a certain something-something. 8 years 6 weeks ago via brucelee

Wong Kar-Wai's "The Grandmasters" Will Face Off Against Jackie Chan's "Chinese Zodiac"

6:06 PM 4/18/2012 by Senh Duong
The Grandmasters
Wong Kar-Wai finally has a deadline to meet for the much delayed “The Grandmasters” - December 18th, 2012. That’s when it’ll be released in China.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel: Wong Kar-Wai's 'The Grandmasters' Gets December 18th Chinese Release Date

The Grandmasters – It's five years since the last film from the great Chinese director Wong Kar-Wai. It's eight since his last Chinese-language film, "2046." And depending on your tolerance for the latter, it's twelve since his last great film, "In The Mood For Love." 8 years 11 weeks ago via jackiechan

Wong Kar-Wai's 'The Grandmasters' Will Not Be Ready For Cannes…Or Venice…

The Grandmasters – Every year around this time, speculation as to what films will make the cut for the Cannes Film Festival reaches a fever pitch. Titles roundly tipped as near shoo-ins this year include Walter Salles’ On The Road, David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, Derek Cianfrance’s The Place Beyond The Pines, Cristian Mungiu’s Beyond The Hills and Michael Haneke’s Amour. 8 years 13 weeks ago via donnieyen

The Grandmaster

Posted March 9th, 2012 by Binh Ngo

With martial arts getting more popular in the Thirties, more people seek to learn them via the professionals at Foshan in Southern China. Some of the experienced masters like to challenge their counterparts and undergoing battles. To have their whole concentration, it is their practice to lock up the venues and no one is allowed to leave during battles.

Wong Kar-Wai's "The Grandmasters" Delayed Yet Again; Andy On and Donnie Yen Start Work on "Special Identity"

4:22 PM 3/6/2012 by Senh Duong
The Lost Bladesman
Let’s start with the good news first. I’m assuming that Andy On will play a heavy in “Special Identity” because Donnie Yen’s spokesperson said they’ll have a 10 minute fight scene together. Only in Asian cinema are fight scenes as long as 10 minutes allowed. It’s a good thing.
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