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“Expendables 4” Gets Funding Interest from “Ip Man 3” Financier

12:43 AM 3/9/2016 by Senh Duong
The Expendables 3
There hasn’t been much news about “The Expendables 4” lately, but I came upon this tidbit after reading about the “Ip Man 3” box office scandal.

How Can Sylvester Stallone Bring the Audience Back For ‘The Expendables 4′? – Lionsgate The easy answer to what went wrong with the box office for The Expendables 3 is that everyone had already seen it. A copy of the movie was leaked online weeks ago, and unlike with most pirated new movies out there, this was a very high quality bootleg. So, the first piece of advice to the makers of this franchise regarding The Expendables 4 is obviously “don’t let it leak.” However, while I do think the piracy had an effect on not just the dismal US gross of $16m but also the international take so far in significant spots like Russia, I believe there’s more to it. 5 years 47 weeks ago via jackiechan

Jackie Chan on Expendables 4 role: 'Can't it just be Stallone and me?' – Chan jokes that he wants lots of air time if he is to be in a sequel. 5 years 48 weeks ago via jackiechan

What's Popping: 'G.I. Joe 3,' 'Chucky 7,' 'The Expendables 4,' 'Nerveracker,' and 'Trollhunter'

6:32 PM 7/6/2014 by Binh Ngo
G.I. Joe
While G.I. Joe 3 is sorting out who will direct the movie, Lethal Weapon 4's Jonathan Lemkin has been hired to take a look at the script. Production is planned for early 2015.

Pierce Brosnan in 'The Expendables 4'?

3:37 PM 7/1/2014 by Binh Ngo
Pierce Brosnan in A Long Way Down
Pierce Brosnan joining Sylvester Stallone in The Expendables 4? That's a distinct possibility. "I said to Avi Lerner, 'If it works out and you have a good script, Avi, you know where to find me if you still want me.' It's as simple as that really," Brosnan told Comingsoon. And why would Brosnan even want to step down to The Expendables since he was, you know, James Bond?

Exclusive: Pierce Brosnan Game to Appear in The Expendables – Actor Pierce Brosnan talks to about the rumors he might appear in a future installment of "The Expendables" action franchise alongside Sylvester Stallone. 6 years 2 weeks ago via jackiechan

Van Damme Has A Plan For Expendables 4 – He's scheming a double impactGiven his character's condition at the end of The Expendables 2, you'd be correct in assuming that Jean-Claude Van Damme will not show up in The Expendables 3. But that hasn't stopped fans of the franchise asking Van Damme if the villainous Jean Vilain will ever return in possible further instalments. 6 years 17 weeks ago via brucelee

Van Damme Wants Role in Expendables 4 and to Work with Tony Jaa

4:16 PM 3/11/2014 by Senh Duong
Jean Claude Van Damme in "The Expendables 2"
Jean Claude Van Damme wrote The Expendables fansite to, pretty much, beg Sylvester Stallone to write him back into the franchise with The Expendables 4.
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