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Emma Stone: 'Jennifer Lawrence inspired me to take Spider-Man role'

Emma Stone – The 23-year-old says interviews with Hunger Games star gave her courage. 10 years 3 weeks ago via jackiechan

"Amazing Spider-Man" Review Embargo: Feel Free to Break It If You're Not a Critic and Can Write Your Review Like A Studio Plant

10:40 AM 6/9/2012 by Senh Duong
The Amazing Spider-Man
Last night, I put up an article about Twitter reactions to “The Amazing Spider-Man” from Latino Review and Badass Digest. Both weren’t good. The gist of it is if you had expectations for the film, then either lower it or flush it down the toilet. It will disappoint. Online film critics aren’t allowed to post their full reviews, but tweeting about it is ok.

Twitter Reactions: Lower Your Expectations for "The Amazing Spider-Man"

12:02 AM 6/9/2012 by Senh Duong
The Lizard from "The Amazing Spider-Man"
Looks like there’s trouble ahead for Marc Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man,” Sony’s reboot of the Marvel superhero movie starring Andrew Garfield. Apparently, the movie was screened for critics recently, and as usual, it’s ok for writers to post their reactions on Twitter, but not a full review on their publications.

Watch Over 20 Minutes of Behind-the-Scenes Footage from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN – Andrew Garfield is set to swing into action in Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man when it debuts July 3rd, but how did they make all that web-swinging action come to life? Sony has released about 25 minutes of B-roll footage that shows the behind-the-scenes workings of the production. Sure, this clip of Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) being all heroic is nice and it's fun to watch Spidey swing away from pursuing cops with the greatest of ease, but the impressive "making of" footage really shows off the physical demand that was required. 10 years 4 weeks ago via jackiechan

New Lizard Featurette and Clip From 'The Amazing Spider-Man'!

The Amazing Spider-Man – We've seen a lot of videos for The Amazing Spider-Man this week ( view them all ), but Sony Pictures has two more for you today. Below, you can watch a new featurette on The Lizard, in which you will see him talk, as well as a ninth clip featuring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans. 10 years 4 weeks ago via theothersenhman

Another New Clip from 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Features Garfield and Leary – It's a busy day for The Amazing Spider-Man . This morning, a first clip featured the Lizard searching for Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy. Then, a second followed Spidey through a police chase. Now, a third arrives via MetaCafe and has Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker telling Denis Leary's Captain Stacy everything he knows about the city's reptile problem. 10 years 4 weeks ago via theothersenhman

"The Amazing Spider-Man" IS NOT "This Summer's Most Anticipated Film," But I'm Sold Nonetheless

5:42 PM 6/6/2012 by Senh Duong
The Amazing Spider-Man
You guys know how I felt about this summer’s “The Amazing Spider-Man.” I didn’t like the idea of a reboot so soon. The teaser made it look like another origin story, which I thought was kinda stupid. How many different ways can you show a guy getting bit by a spider and then getting superpowers.

Watch: Gwen Stacy Runs From The Lizard In New Clip From 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Plus Video Diaries Of Dr. Curt Connors

The Amazing Spider-Man – There are few late night television personalities as awesomely unfunny as Jay Leno, but for whatever reason, people seem to love the guy. And endure him you must to watch the latest clip from "The Amazing Spider-Man" which is actually the most promising bit of footage of we've seen so far. 10 years 4 weeks ago via jetli

Watch: Spectacular One-Minute TV Spot for 'The Amazing Spider-Man' – While Columbia Pictures is doing their best to convince audiences to see Andrew Garfield slinging webs in The Amazing Spider-Man, we're hoping that every single bit of footage from the film doesn't end up online via trailers and clips. Now, normally we don't post out of context clips from the film, because we think that's a little too much, but trailers, both domestic and international, and TV spots are just fine by us. 10 years 5 weeks ago via jetli

Marc Webb Tweets THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Behind-the-Scenes Photo, New Photos and Video from the Set of BLOOD TIES – Director Marc Webb ((500) Days of Summer) tweeted a set photo from behind the scenes of The Amazing Spider-Man today with the tag: "got caption?" So let's have a little fun with this one. Check out the image, which features star Andrew Garfield and some stunt performers, and come up with your best caption to submit to our comments section (or Webb himself, if you're feeling brave).

10 years 5 weeks ago via theothersenhman
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