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The Download: 'Tetris,' 'Angry Birds,' and 'Baywatch'

12:53 PM 10/5/2014 by Binh Ngo
Threshold Entertainment is making a movie based on the video game Tetris. We talk about that and more on this edition of The Download. Come and join us. Binh: Seems like April's Fool Day came late this year. What is this I'm hearing about a Tetris movie?

What's Popping: 'Baywatch,' 'Doctor Strange,' 'Tetris,' 'Crouching Tiger 2,' 'Angry Birds'

10:55 AM 10/4/2014 by Binh Ngo
Larry Kasanoff, the CEO of Threshold Entertainment, thinks that brands are "the new stars of Hollywood," so his company is producing a Tetris movie. Dwayne Johnson is apparently taking his talents to Baywatch. He is reportedly attached to star in an unspecified role. Sounds like a paid vacation to us.

You Are Getting a Live-Action 'Tetris' Movie Whether You Like It or Not

2:00 PM 9/30/2014 by Jeff Giles
Excepting the odd tax dodge scheme, Hollywood tends to operate under fairly basic math principles, and no matter how catastrophically stupid some of us might find studios' decisions, even the biggest duds do tend to eventually inch toward breaking even, which is why, despite notorious bombs like Battleship and Super Mario Bros., the film industry still insists on making movies "inspired" by toys and video games.

A Tetris Movie is in the Works!

comingsoon.net – Just when you thought there were no more viable brand names for Hollywood to exploit, The Wall Street Journal scored some bonus points by reporting that a movie based on the classic video game "Tetris" is game-on for Threshold Entertainment. And no, it will not just be big blocky geometric objects falling and rotating for two hours. 6 years 28 weeks ago via brucelee
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