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'Tomorrowland' Teaser Does the Trick

10:38 AM 10/9/2014 by Jeff Giles
In this day and age, is it still possible for a trailer to lure you into a movie's world far enough to make you want to buy a ticket without giving away all of the story's narrative nooks and crannies? It doesn't happen as often as it ought to, but the answer is definitively "yes" -- and Disney's Tomorrowland is here to show us how.

'Inside Out' Teaser Has All of the Feels

4:49 PM 10/2/2014 by Jeff Giles
Inside Out
When you're a director with the kind of track record Pete Docter has built -- and you're making a movie for a company with the level of immense goodwill that Pixar has accrued -- you can afford to be stingy with the details of your next movie, which is why the first teaser for Docter's next Pixar venture, Inside Out, really lives up to the "tease" part of the word:


Disney to unveil first Tomorrowland footage at New York Comic Con in October

joblo.com – It has been a while since we heard anything substantial about Brad Bird's TOMORROWLAND. Starring George Clooney and Hugh Laurie, you would expect there to be more buzz around the film. But, when it got bumped from this Christmas to next summer, all the buzz got delayed with it. But, it looks like we won't have to wait much longer for some news on the project.

6 years 13 weeks ago via jetli

First Teaser For Tsui Hark's THE TAKING OF TIGER MOUNTAIN 3D Reveals A Tiger And A Mountain

feedproxy.google.com – Touted as one of the year's biggest Chinese film's, Tsui Hark's 3D epic The Taking Of Tiger Mountain is set for a 24 December release date in mainland China - one of the year's most hotly contested release windows.Based on Qu Bo's novel detailing a true event, the film is the story of a communist soldier who went deep undercover amongst a gang of remote bandits in order to take them down from within. 6 years 17 weeks ago via jetli

'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1' Trailer: The Revolution Will Be Televised

5:59 PM 7/28/2014 by Binh Ngo
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1
This teaser for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 made its debut at Comic-Con over the weekend, but those who couldn't attend can check it out below. In Mockingjay - Part 1, Katniss Everdeen, in an effort to rescue her friends and put an end to the Games once and for all, will reluctantly become a symbol and hope of the rebellion that is seeking to overthrow President Snow's regime.

Here's The First Teaser For Mockingjay - Part 1

ign.com – The first teaser for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 has arrived, offering a brief glimpse at the uprising of a Katniss-lead rebellion against the Capitol. Although few members of the central cast actually feature in the teaser - Jennifer Lawrence herself speaks only two lines - it's nonetheless very stirring; the late Philip Seymour Hoffman certainly brings the gravitas as rebellion leader Plutarch Heavensbee. 6 years 18 weeks ago via jetli

WATCH: Jake Gyllenhaal’s ‘Nightcrawler’ Releases First Trailer

variety.com – Open Road Films has released the first trailer for Jake Gyllenhaal’s thriller “Nighcrawler,” which also stars Rene Russo, Bill Paxton and Riz Ahmed. The film follows Gyllenhaal, who prowls the streets of Los Angeles as a driven man who discovers the nocturnal world of freelance crime journalism in Los Angeles.

6 years 19 weeks ago via jackiechan

Donnie Yen In KUNG FU JUNGLE Teaser: Smile When You Say That

feedproxy.google.com – The English-language title only hints at the hard-hitting action in the first teaser for Kung Fu Jungle, starring Donnie Yen.Directed by Teddy Chen (Bodyguards and Assassins), and formerly known as, variously, Best of the Best, Last of the Best, and Kung Fu Killer, the upcoming release also starsWang Baoqiang (Iceman). 6 years 19 weeks ago via jetli

‘Paradise Lost’ Teaser: Benicio del Toro Is Pablo Escobar

feedproxy.google.com – There are several Pablo Escobar projects in the works at the moment, including a movie from Brad Furman and a TV show from Netflix. But the first one out of the gate is the one that’s not really a Pablo Escobar project per se. Directed by Andrea Di Stefano, Paradise Lost centers on a young American surfer named Nick (Josh Hutcherson) who falls for a Colombian woman named Maria (Claudia Traisac). 6 years 20 weeks ago via jetli

‘Horns’ Teaser Trailer: Daniel Radcliffe Has a Wicked New Look

feedproxy.google.com – Here’s the first teaser for the adaptation of Joe Hill‘s novel Horns, which comes from director Alexandre Aja (High Tension, Piranha 3D). Daniel Radcliffe stars as Ignatius, a guy whose girlfriend perishes under mysterious circumstances, leading most everyone to think Radcliffe is the person responsible. 6 years 20 weeks ago via theothersenhman
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