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‘The Night Comes for Us’ Review: A Bloody, Action-Packed, Punch-a-Minute Thriller [Fantastic Fest] When writer/director Timo Tjahjanto introduced The Night Comes For Us to an eager Fantastic Fest crowd, he promised “a truckload” of dead bodies would stack tall in his “Asian-on-Asian” Triad brutalizer. Carcasses maimed, mangled, and beaten to pulpy piles of mush by a cast of The Raid and Headshot veterans. Maybe a Ford F-150 sized “truckload,” I wondered? Not even close. The Night Comes For Us is a bloody, action-packed gangland punch-a-minute thriller that might as well be The Raid 3 based on style and body count.

Fantastic Fest 2018 Interview: Gustav Möller Talks THE GUILTY The charming writer and director has made a chilling thriller. How'd he do it? [Read the whole post on]

First Suspiria Remake Reactions: As Many People Walked Out As Loved It Luca Guadagnino's very divisive Suspiria remake premiered at the Venice Film Festival leading to both boos and applause.

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Remake of Dario Argento's 1977 horror movie, Suspiria centers on an American student who goes abroad to study at a renowned school only to find it a front for an secret organization that has no qualms about murdering people.
David Gordon Green

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