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'Star Wars 7' Wraps Filming in 3 Weeks LucasFilm head and Star Wars: Episode VII producer Kathleen Kennedy attended the grand opening of Industrial Light and Magic's new London facility, where post-production work will take place for the highly-anticipated sequel. The producer revealed at the opening that there are just three weeks left of shooting on Star Wars: Episode VII. Here's what she had to say during yesterday's event."(It's) quite remarkable standing here within three weeks of finishing filming on Star Wars: Episode VII.


Kathleen Kennedy Says STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Within Three Weeks of Finishing Filming – Industrial Light and Magic just celebrated the opening of its very first studio in the UK in preparation for post-production on Star Wars: Episode VII and during the event, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy offered a brief status update on the production. Apparently there’s only three more weeks left of shooting and from there, the new ILM location will begin working on visual and special effects for the film.

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Brad Bird Explains Why He Passed On Directing 'Star Wars: Episode 7' – It's fall 2012, and the internet was buzzing as details of "Star Wars: Episode 7" started to emerge. And in one of the earliest developments, it was reported that Michael Arndt was writing treatments for the next three sequels, and one of the directors said to be taking a look was none other than Brad Bird. 6 years 26 weeks ago via theothersenhman

Why Brad Bird Chose Directing ‘Tomorrowland’ Over ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ – Brad Bird had a chance to direct "Star Wars: Episode VII," but he stuck with "Tomorrowland" instead. Hear him explain why. 6 years 26 weeks ago via jackiechan

Propaganda Warns Against Spoilers on the 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Set There's been tons of rumors about Star Wars: Episode VII circulating again ever since production started back up after a short hiatus last month. Some of them have been huge and full of spoilers (we won't touch them with a 10-foot pole), but Lucasfilm is keeping very quiet as usual. At this point, we're just waiting for some kind of teaser poster or trailer, and we don't want to know anymore about the film until it hits theaters next winter. And that's exactly how J.J.

The Download: 'Tetris,' 'Angry Birds,' and 'Baywatch'

12:53 PM 10/5/2014 by Binh Ngo
Threshold Entertainment is making a movie based on the video game Tetris. We talk about that and more on this edition of The Download. Come and join us. Binh: Seems like April's Fool Day came late this year. What is this I'm hearing about a Tetris movie?

STAR WARS Toy Documentary "Plastic Galaxy" Now Available On Vimeo Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars, from director Brian Stillman, explores the groundbreaking and breathtaking world of Star Wars toys. Through interviews with former Kenner toy company employees, experts, authors, and collectors, the film examines the toys’ history, their influence on pop culture, and the fond and fervent feelings they elicit today.


New Star Wars films will encompass various genres, says Lucasfilm exec – Lucasfilm's Kiri Hart says there won't be "rigidly" defined boundaries for films. 6 years 27 weeks ago via jackiechan

On Huge Star Wars Episode 7 Spoilers and Leaked Information We love getting excited about movies. And part of that involves reading all the rumors and gossip behind the projects we’re looking forward to. We post about what we’re interested in. We have a lot of Star Wars posts on the site because some of us are very excited about the project and like speculating about the latest rumors and details. We often post rumors and information that could be considered possible spoilers.


‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Rumor: New Characters & Familiar Planets – [Potential MILD SPOILERS for Episode VII ahead!] - We’re still a ways off from the time when we can reasonably expect some official information on Star Wars: Episode VII to be made available, but in the meantime the rumor mill is doing a pretty terrific job of stirring the pot on its own. 6 years 28 weeks ago via jetli
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