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'Nymphomaniac' Star Stacy Martin Joins 'Childhood Of A Leader' With Robert Pattinson, Scott Walker To Score Film – If you've been keeping an ear to the ground, you know that actor turned filmmaker Brady Corbet has been one worth keeping an eye on. He's already co-written two films, and starred in the resulting movies ("Simon Killer," "The Sleepwalker") and now he's going behind the camera to direct his first feature film. 5 years 33 weeks ago via brucelee

Toronto: ‘Nymphomaniac’ Star Stacy Martin to Star in French Thriller ‘Mahal’ (EXCLUSIVE) – "Nymphomaniac” star stacy Martin is set to topline “Taj Mahal,” a high-concept thriller set against the backdrop of the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India. Sold by BAC Films and produced by Patrick Sobelman at Agat Films, “Taj Mahal” will be directed by Nicolas Saada, who also penned the script. 5 years 38 weeks ago via jetli

Stacy Martin joins High-Rise – EXCLUSIVE: Nymphomaniac star joins cast of Ben Wheatley’s Recorded Picture Company thriller. 5 years 48 weeks ago via jetli

HKIFF: "Nymphomaniac: Volume I" Is All Pleasure and Games

8:20 AM 4/5/2014 by Senh Duong
Nymphomaniac: Volume 1
Lars von Trier’s “Nymphomaniac: Volume I” begins with a woman (Charlotte Gainsbourg) lying unconscious in a dark alley, badly beaten with multiple bruises on her face. A sympathetic priest (Stellan Skarsgard) discovers her, takes her home, and tries to figure out what happened. Her name is Joe, and she’s a sex addict.

Nymph()maniac + Blue is the Warmest Color = Porn

3:26 AM 3/31/2014 by popcorn
If you take all the sex scenes from Nymphomaniac and Blue is the Warmest Color, you have a top quality pornographic film directed by highly regarded auteurs. Why are these films critically acclaimed and respectable mainstream films and not regarded as porn, only watched in some red light district or in the privacy of your hotel room?

Nymphomaniac: Vol I (All About Eve)

1:05 PM 3/24/2014 by Sara Vizcarrondo
When Stellan Skarsgård finds Charlotte Gainsbourg unconscious in an alley, you believe he could carry the bleeding woman to authorities, take her in after she refuses care, you believe he’d serve her tea. Yet, Skarsgård is a familiar to filmmaker/provocateur Lars von Trier, and most memorably played a bedridden husband encouraging his puritanical bride (Emily Watson) to seek pleasure in the world of men (1996’s Breaking the Waves).


'Nymphomaniac' Newcomer Stacy Martin on Why the Film is Empowering for Women – Franco-British newcomer Stacy Martin plays the lead character, Joe, in her teens and twenties in Lars von Trier's controversial and explicit "Nymphomaniac," before Charlotte Gainsbourg takes over when the character hits 30 in the film's second part. READ MORE: 'Nymphomaniac''s Stellan Skarsgard On His 'Relaxed Relationship' With His Genitals At the film's press junket in Copenhagen, the acting novice talked about hitting the big time with her first role and how Cindy, her porn double, made her feel comfortable. 6 years 10 weeks ago via jackiechan

How ‘Nymphomaniac's’ Stacy Martin Went From Anonymous Student to Star of Lars von Trier's Sex Film – Rewind a few years and Stacy Martin, now 22, had just finished the kind of degree — Media and Cultural Studies at the London College of Communications — that generally leads to writing about movies, not starring in them. But she'd been modeling to support herself, using the side career to fund lessons for her true interest:

6 years 11 weeks ago via jetli

Watch: 10-Minute Interviews With Stacy Martin & Stellan Skarsgaard For 'Nymphomaniac,' Film Banned In Turkey – Well, after three years of talking about it, “Nymphomaniac: Volume I” is finally available to watch in the U.S. via OnDemand starting today. You still have to wait one more month for the second half, but hopefully, the first volume will be enough to keep you satisfied for now (and it should be — read our review). 6 years 12 weeks ago via jetli

New NSFW Image From Lars Von Trier's 'Nymphomaniac' Gets Naked – With all the hoopla surrounding the impressive TIFF and Venice lineups, we kind of totally forgot the movie very, very high on our must-see list for this year (should it actually hit theaters on our shores by the end of 2013),Lars Von Trier's sex epic "Nymphomaniac." Those words alone — nymphomaniac, Lars, sex, Von, epic, Trier — should be all you need to know to buy a ticket, but the marketing slow roll has been building up buzz and questionable erections. 6 years 44 weeks ago via theothersenhman
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