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George Clooney Wants 'The Interivew' VOD, Tried to Rally Hollywood After major movie theater chains opted not to book The Interview to open on Christmas Day amidst threats of terrorism against any theaters showing the film, Sony Pictures decided not to release the film at all, and that includes VOD and home video for now. There's been plenty of discussion and rage about this decision fueled by fear of Kim Jong-un and North Korea, who are believed to be the driving force behind these threats and the hack of Sony Pictures, because of their distaste for the comedy about an attempt to assassinate the leader.

"Guardians of the Galaxy" director took to Instagram in the wake of "The Interview" being pulled to make a sharp joke with a very strong point.

Sony Hack: Guess How Much Pulling ‘The Interview’ Will Cost the Studio? (Exclusive) Sony Pictures will take an estimated $90 million financial hit as a result of its decision to scrap the release of “The Interview,” TheWrap has learned. The studio’s decision to forego a release of any kind — no streaming, video-on-demand, DVD or Blu-ray – means it won’t see a penny in returns on the Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy, according to individuals with knowledge of the situation. Also Read: Sony Hack: What Are US Options If North Korea Is Confirmed as Cyberterrorist? With no box office grosses or ancillary returns, it’s all about the cost, and Sony is looking at a write-do

Don’t Expect to See THE INTERVIEW Anytime Soon; Sony Says It Has “No Further Release Plans” Following last night's news that Sony had decided not to release The Interview after major theater chains refused to screen the film, I saw people on Twitter popping up saying that Sony should release the movie on VOD right now as if there was some switch waiting to be flipped.  Considering that movies stay in theaters for 3-4 months before hitting VOD, I don't think there was someone at Apple or Amazon waiting by the phone, ready to put the film up for rent or purchase at a moment's notice. I don't know how we'll see The Interview, but I double it will be anytime soon.  Hit the jump for mo

An Alamo Drafthouse theater will show Team America in place of The Interview If you're keeping up to date on the fast and infuriating story regarding the release of THE INTERVIEW (Sony has now officially pulled the release) you should be happy to hear about one theater (so far) that is taking a stand and expressing itself in a fantastic way. The Alamo Drafthouse announced that, in its place of THE INTERVIEW, they'll screen Matt Parker and Trey Stone‘s TEAM AMERICA: WORLD... Read More...

Sony Cancels The Interview, Gives In To The Hackers Word came out yesterday that Sony Pictures has cancelled the Christmas day theatrical release of the Seth Rogen / James Franco film The Interview. This comes after the company has been suffering though the aftermath of a hacking and releasing of the information by a group known as the Guardians of Peace or #GoP. It is believed the hack was the work of North Korea. The film depicts North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as the target of a CIA assassination plot. The hackers demanded that Sony cancel the release of the film.

Steve Carell's North Korea Movie Canceled; Director Responds In the aftermath of Sony Pictures canceling the Christmas Day release of their new comedy The Interview yesterday, 20th Century Fox also announced that they will not be distributing an untitled project that will be set in North Korea, entitled Pyongyang, which had Gore Verbinski set to direct and Steve Carell attached to star. Director Gore Verbinski issued a statement to Deadline, where he shed new light on the events that transpired between 20th Century Fox and New Regency, which had financed the film.

Franco and Rogen Cancel All Press for 'The Interview' Earlier today, it was reported that the Sony hacker group known as the Guardians of Peace (G.O.P.), who are responsible for leaking thousands of documents, emails and films from within the studio, issued a warning to all theaters set to show The Interview on Christmas day. They have threatened a terrorist attack while evoking 9/11 in their statement.

Sony’s ‘The Interview’ Dropped by Second Chain Bow Tie Cinemas Bow Tie Cinemas on Wednesday became the second major theater chain to say it will not screen “The Interview,” one day after hackers behind the Sony cyber attack threatened 9/11-like terror strikes. The chain cited safety concerns as its reason, one day after Carmike Cinemas said it would not be showing the Sony comedy movie.

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