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Film Review: Goosebumps

Latino Review - 8 hours 50 min ago

After moving into a small town, a teenage boy named Zach Cooper (Dylan Minnette) meets Hannah (Odeya Rush), his new neighbor. Hannah's father, R. L. Stine (Jack Black) himself, writes the Goosebumps stories and keeps all the ghosts and monsters in the series locked up in his manuscripts like Slappy the Dummy, the Abominable Snowman, Will Blake's werewolf form, the Giant Mantises, and the living lawn gnomes. Zach and his friend unintentionally open one of Stine's books, leading to the release of every ghost and monster from the manuscripts.

Critics Love ‘Steve Jobs': 10 Reviews Promising Michael Fassbender Drama Is Worth Price of Admission Universal Pictures is trying its luck with another Hollywood film about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and it appears to be one of the best yet in the eyes of critics praising it. The drama directed by Danny Boyle and written by Aaron Sorkin currently has a 91 percent “fresh” score on Rotten Tomatoes. “Exhilarating,” “an exciting piece of iconoclasm” and a “lightning bolt of cinematic energy” are a few of the compliments piling up for the biopic starring Michael Fassbender as the iPhone visionary. Co-stars Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen and Jeff Daniels 

Jack Black's 'Goosebumps' rap will give you '90s flashbacks Vanilla Ice’s “Ninja Rap.” MC Hammer’s “Addams Groove.” Will Smith’s “Wild, Wild West.” Do you miss the bygone days of the 1990s, when it seemed like every youth-targeted movie got a really corny but oddly catchy rap song to go with it? Probably not, but Jack Black has you covered anyway. The ...

Watch: Michael Fassbender Battles Family And Fame In 7 Clips From Danny Boyle’s ‘Steve Jobs’ Danny Boyle’s “Steve Jobs” heads into limited release this weekend, where its riding high off strong buzz from its appearances at the Telluride and New York Film Festivals. Now the next question is if it can carry the wave of positive response to the Oscars, where there is already talk of Aaron Sorkin being a lock for a nomination, if not a win, for Best Adapted Screenplay (his script is based on Walter Isaacson's acclaimed biography of the Apple titan).

Trevor Noah continued his impressive first month at the helm of “The Daily Show” by addressing the backlash over the upcoming movie about Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs with screenwriter Aaron Sorkin on Tuesday night. Noah pointed out that some of the Apple community have claimed that “this is not Steve Jobs, the way you’ve portrayed him is incorrect.

Review: Danny Boyle's Aaron Sorkin Penned 'Steve Jobs' Starring Michael Fassbender' Is A Rush Of Blood To The Head To loosely paraphrase David Fincher, the mind of screenwriter Aaron Sorkin works in a rapid-fire bursts of multi-tiered levels, as if the author is juggling three contemporaneous conversations to your one, sometimes listening, always five moves ahead of where you are, but able to ping pong effortlessly between all subjects.

Funnyman Jack Black portrays horror writer R.L. Stine in the upcoming Goosebumps movie, which brings to life all of the author’s most terrifying monstrosities. In this new clip from the film, Black (as Stine) explains just how real those creatures can become. “When I was younger, I created...

'Steve Jobs' Review: iDidntloveit Apple introduced the iMac computer to the market with one of the most famous marketing slogans of all time: “Think different.” If nothing else, Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs embodies that sentiment. Continue reading…

New York 2015 Review: STEVE JOBS Is A Dud The first question is: do we really need another Steve Jobs movie? Then, what merits does the life of the billionnaire co-founder of Apple have, to prompt 3 movies (Jobs, Steve Jobs: the Man in the Machine, and now Steve Jobs) about him within 2 years? Yes, Apple product is cool, but what else is there to talk about?I have to admit that I've been an Apple user all my adult life. It's not because of brand loyalty, but because I inherited a Mac Classic II from my ex-girlfriend in college. Since then I rarely used PC other than some odd office jobs I've briefly held.

Aaron Sorkin apologizes for bashing Apple CEO over 'Steve Jobs' remarks Steve Jobs screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has apologized after slamming Apple CEO Tim Cook over remarks he made about the upcoming biopic. “You know what, I think that Tim Cook and I probably both went a little too far,” he told E! News on Saturday. “And I apologize to Tim Cook. I hope when he...

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