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The regional critics groups have begun dishing out kudos, beginning today with the Boston Online Film Critics Association. And happily, we're kicking things off with an outside-the-box choice that hopefully sets the stage for this wide open season.


‘Snowpiercer’ Hits $3.8 Million on VOD as Weinstein Co. Shakes Up Distribution – The indie movie market needed a kick in the pants this summer. Other than “Chef” and the still-expanding “Boyhood,” arthouse films have struggled in theaters. But amid the doldrums, the Weinstein Co. has taken some radical steps, playing around with platforms even more than usual. The studio’s Radius-TWC label unveiled “Snowpiercer” on-demand, with Bong Joon-ho’s... 7 years 26 weeks ago via jetli

Chris Evans on the VOD Release of 'Snowpiercer': 'I Absolutely Think the Movie Should Be Seen on the Big Screen' – Chris Evans and “Snowpiercer” are a perfect fit. Not only in that the steel-eyed American oozes the ideal blend of rebellious survivor and reluctant leader for Bong Joon-ho’s indie epic, but because the two actually reflect the best parts of one another. "Snowpiercer" is an ambitious indie in need of an talented, title-topping actor to boost its awareness, and Evans is both the man they need and someone who wants to make more movies just like this one. 7 years 26 weeks ago via jetli

‘Snowpiercer’ and The Weinstein Company’s Engineered Dissent – The Weinstein Company Warning: Spoilers for the ending of Snowpiercer Somewhere along the way, purchasing a ticket for Bong Joon-ho’s long-awaited Snowpiercer became a populist act that echoes the content of the film itself. Months of coverage followed Harvey Weinstein’s threat to cut the festival favorite. Knowing the kind of backlash that would ensue, Weinstein opted not to cut the film himself but instead asked Bong to shave 20 minutes off and add an explanatory voice-over to bookend the film. 7 years 29 weeks ago via donnieyen

How In The World Is 'Snowpiercer' An Art House Movie? It’s a strange time we live in where two of the non-‘Transformers’ movies released this weekend are considered small indie films, yet one is a romantic comedy (sort of) staring Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler and the other - 'Snowpiercer' - is an action movie starring the guy who plays Captain America. Continue reading…


Specialty Box Office: 'Begin Again' and 'Snowpiercer' Open Strong In Big Weekend For Weinsteins – Here's a rundown of the specialty box office this weekend, which saw The Weinstein Company (and their arm RADiUS-TWC) have a huge weekend thanks to "Begin Again," "Snowpiercer" and (to a lesser degree) "Yves Saint Laurent." The Debuts: Debut Winners of the Weekend: "Begin Again" and "Snowpiercer." After a slow few weeks at the specialty box office, The Weinstein Company and their offshoot RADiUS-TWC saw very strong openings from John Carney's "Begin Again" and Joon-ho Bong's "Snowpiercer." The former -- which the Weinstei 7 years 30 weeks ago via brucelee

Review: Bong Joon-Ho's 'Snowpiercer' Starring Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell, John Hurt & More This is a reprint of our review from the international release last fall. The Weinstein Company will be releasing "Snowpiercer" on June 27th with the director's cut intact. Few films without a firm release date (in most of the world, at least) have inspired as much chatter of late than Bong Joon-ho's "Snowpiercer." The English-language debut of the South Korean mastermind behind "Memories of Murder," "The Host" and "Mother," it features an all-star cast and a hefty budget, and was snapped up early on by The Weinstein Company.


Review: Snowpiercer

JoBlo - Tue, 2014-06-24 08:32

Review: Snowpiercer PLOT: In the not-too-distant future, the last survivors of a cataclysmic new ice age ride a powerful locomotive known as the Snowpiercer. While the rich and powerful enjoy luxurious lives at the head of the train, the poor and bedraggled toward the rear plan a game-changing revolution. REVIEW: If this movie doesn't kick butt at the box office, I give up. Not that a film's monetary showing is an... Read More...


Tilda Swinton brings 'Snowpiercer' to LA Film Fest and U.S. screens (finally) – Tilda Swinton, Ed Harris, Allison Pill and director Joon-ho Bong were on hand as "Snowpiercer" immediately became one of the best films to ever open the Los Angeles Film Festival on Wednesday night. 7 years 32 weeks ago via donnieyen

Called a perfect piece of cinema and one of the year's best, a new poster has arrived for the domestic release of Joon-ho Bong's stateside directorial debut Snowpiercer. Chris Evans fights his way to the front of a perpetual motion train carrying the last of humanity after a new ice age has consumed much of the planet. Class systems break down and a war is brewing as they hurtle towards their contained destiny.

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It’s been 17 years since we froze the earth. The few remaining humans live on the Snowpiercer, a train on an infinite loop around the globe. For those at the front, it’s a lavish paradise of drugs and sushi in the lap of luxury; for those trapped in the tail section, life is short and cruel.
Bong Joon-ho
June 27, 2014