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Could A ‘La La Land’ Touring Show Address Some Of The Criticism Of The Film? Summit Entertainment Ever since its release, La La Land has been a nigh on unstoppable force. It’s collected a tidy sum at the box office, swept the Golden Globes, and is sure to rack up a number of Oscar nominations in the coming weeks. The general consensus is that La La Land is one of the most delightful movies to come out in 2016, but that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t any backlash against the film.

Andrew Garfield Admits ‘Silence’ Is a Showcase for Gorgeous Men’s Hair (Video) In Martin Scorsese’s masterful “Silence,” Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver are beaten, starved, isolated and tormented — but good lord do they have amazing hair. In a conversation with TheWrap, Garfield injected some levity into the film’s examination of faith and sacrifice.

As Silence prepares to hit select theaters this weekend (the rest of you will have to wait until January), Paramount has unveiled a new international trailer for Martin Scorsese’s long-developing passion project — an epic drama based on Japanese author Shusaku Endo’s acclaimed novel. There are a couple of notable things about this trailer for Silence: For one, it’s a bit more intense than the domestic versions, and because it’s a Japanese trailer, the Japanese cast members are more prominently featured. Continue reading…

Martin Scorsese to Resume Devil in the White City Project Next Month Director Martin Scorsese has been making movies since the 1960s, but the 74-year-old master filmmaker has seen his greatest career success in the last few years. The Departed, in 2006, finally won him his first Oscar. More recently, 2011’s Hugo won him critical praise despite middling box office, while 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street was an even bigger hit.

‘Silence’ Review: Martin Scorsese’s Passion Project Is a Fascinating, Flawed Endurance Test The wait for Martin Scorsese’s adaptation of Shūsaku Endō’s 1966 novel “Silence,” about a pair of Portuguese missionaries on dangerous footing in Christian-unfriendly 17th century Japan, has been so long that the eventual offering has an unmistakably devotional air. That isn’t always a good thing, but it mostly is: it’s an invitingly austere movie, designed for both searching believers and curious others.

How the director crafts tension without a word.Continue reading on Film School Rejects »

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Based on Shusaku Endo's novel of the same name, the movie centers on a Jesuit missionary facing persecution in 17th century Japan during a period of unrest.
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