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Sesame Street Movie Gets Portlandia Director Jonathan Krisel Warner Bros. has tapped Portlandia creator Jonathan Krisel to helm their Sesame Street movie based on the popular children's series.

The ‘Happytime Murders’ Creators Have Responded To Sesame Street’s Lawsuit Through A Puppet-Lawyer STX Entertainment The outrageous Happytime Murders trailer was only asking for trouble by including loads of puppet ejaculation. And although the project is directed by Brian Henson, son of Muppet creator Jim Henson, Sesame Street is not happy about the raunchy nature of the film and, late last week, filed a lawsuit to accuse STX Entertainment of appropriating their brand while simultaneously tarnishing the Muppets’ reputation. Well, the Happytime Murders creators are taking the legal threat in stride, and they’ve enlisted a puppet-lawyer for a public response.

Sesame Street Creators Sue Over Happytime Murders Trailer Marketing The creators of Sesame Street have filed a lawsuit against STX, demanding they stop referencing the long-running kids series in their marketing for The Happytime Murders.


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Movie based on the long-running children TV show.