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‘The New Mutants’ Images Reveal a Giant Demon Bear and Other Weird Villains Remember The New Mutants? The movie that has been pushed from one release date to the next, only to have the coronavirus pandemic sideline it indefinitely? Well, sooner or later we’ll get to see the damn thing, but for now, let’s make do with new images. These pics lean into the fantastical/horror elements of the film, and do a great job distinguishing it from previous X-Men-related flicks. I don’t pretend to understand the inner workings of movie executive minds, but it seems genuinely odd that The New Mutants hasn’t been released on VOD at this point.

The New Mutants was supposed to be released last month, but the COVID-19 pandemic delayed it (for what feels like the umpteenth time), and we now have no idea when we'll see it!

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