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Possible Venom movie logo spotted at Brazil Comic-Con The VENOM movie will finally give fans of the comic the gritty, mature, and hopefully, R-rated and violent version of the Spider-Man character they’ve grown to love over the years. We can only hope the character will look cool too, but before we see any of him we have our first glimpse at what may be the movie’s logo, and with it a brand new hashtag you can use with all the other cool kids.... Read More...

Ryan Reynolds Is Ready for a Deadpool and Mickey Mouse Team-Up Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans wonder what the potential merger between Disney and Fox will eventually look like.

New Mutants Teaser Hints At Movie’s Villain Demon Bear With Fox expanding its X-Men universe further from the clutches of Disney, a new teaser video for The New Mutants hints at the movie’s big bad. The X-Men movies have never been a particularly light-hearted affair, with recent installments like the raunchy action/comedy Deadpool and grisly neo-western Logan having even moved the franchise fully into R-Rated terrain. Josh Boone’s The New Mutants looks to be the franchise’s darkest entry yet, with a horror-tinged story about a group of troubled mutant teens and a grim aesthetic to match. Related: New Mutants Will Connect to Mai

The Original ‘Justice League’ Script Involves Time Travel, Batman and Wonder Woman’s Child Before the DC Extended Universe was a twinkle in Zack Snyder’s eye, there was the scrapped Justice League script by Will Beall, penned in 2011 and never heard from again. Not much is known about this lost script other than the fact that Ben Affleck was being considered to direct it before he signed on to be Snyder’s Batman. That, and it was rumored to be “terrible” by insiders at Warner Bros., leading the studio to throw out the script shortly before Man of Steel‘s release. But now, you can decide that for yourself.

Joss Whedon Says Justice League Opening Song Choice Was His  Justice League‘s opening credits song was one of the additions that Joss Whedon made to the film, according to Whedon himself. Whedon received co-screeenwriting credit for his efforts on the movie, which he oversaw the reshoots for after director Zack Snyder stepped away from the project. Justice League opens with a rather dour montage, exploring the fallout of the death of Superman in Batman v. Superman. During this montage, the sounds of Norwegian pop star Sigrid can be heard, covering Leonard Cohen’s “Everybody Knows”.

‘Jurassic World 2’ Teaser: Bryce Dallas Howard Isn’t Wearing Heels This Time Around (Video) Universal has dropped a teaser for “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,” and this time around, Bryce Dallas Howard isn’t wearing heels to run away from the dangerous dinosaurs. In the teaser for the trailer which will drop Thursday, dinosaur whisperer Owen (Chris Pratt) can be seen running away from massive explosions in the background and toward theme park exec Claire (Howard).

Weekend Box Office Wrap-up: December 3, 2017 Holdovers reigned supreme at the box office this week with no new wide releases. Repeating in the top spot is Coco, which brought in $26.1 million in its second weekend. That is a 48.6 percent decrease from its opening frame, which is a decent hold for the animated film. It has been the beneficiary of strong word-of-mouth, which has added to its commercial appeal. Pixar’s latest has now made $108.6 million domestically and $279.9 million worldwide, becoming yet another hit for the studio.

Justice League Reacts To Avengers: Infinity War Trailer In New Fan Video A funny new fan video imagines the Justice League‘s reaction to the recently released Avengers: Infinity War trailer. Trailer mash-ups aren’t exactly a new thing in the Youtube community, but they’re a great way for talented fans to show off their own talent and express their love for their favorite films. Youtube user DrMachakil has become something of a mash-up master over the last few years, cranking out such winners as “Tom Cruise falls into other movies” and the spectacularly spot-on “PHONE FIGHTS : The Joker vs John McClane“.

A Darker Justice League Cut Test Screened, Here's What's Missing Filmmaker Kevin Smith reveals that there was a cut of Justice League that was much darker that was screened before the finished product hit theaters.

Justice League V X-Men Trailer: Days of Future Flashpoint A fan-made trailer mashes up Justice League with the X-Men movies. Justice League is now in theaters, properly introducing The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg properly to the DCEU after their brief cameos in Batman v Superman (with a second appearance by The Flash in Suicide Squad). While the movie has received mixed reviews and a lower than expected box office, the movie does take steps towards helping reshape the DCEU and setting up future movies. Meanwhile, X-Men has continued to thrive in movie theaters for almost two decades now.

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