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Justice League Carried On The Back of The Flash In New Poster Justice League will now be in theaters in less than a month. That is kind of hard to believe, but it is a reality. As a poster junkie, I must say that I was hoping for more from this film. None of them have blown me away. The Queen-ish poster was ok, but has an odd look to it the more you see it. The individual posters did nothing for me. I like the one with the sunset-looking background, with the full League standing in the foreground. But why are they looking up? Today we got another poster. The Flash carries the whole Justice League on his back! I mean, how strong is Barry in this movie?

Flash Season 4: Cisco Learns The Kilg%re Was Here We’ve been hearing that the fourth season of The Flash will have a much lighter tone than last season. We’re also told there are some very funny moments in tonight’s episode… that said, the clip they’ve chosen to release is definitely not on the funny side. Sure there is a cute moment when Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) is strutting his stuff… but it gets serious when he see the mangled mess of a body inside a crushed elevator. The scenes includes Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) back on the job as the Central City CSI guy along with Joe West (Jesse L.

‘The New Mutants’ Will Be the First in a Trilogy of X-Men Horror Movies The New Mutants director Josh Boone is nothing if not efficient, beginning production for his X-Men spin-off film earlier this summer, releasing a trailer last week, and now revealing that the horror-inspired superhero movie is the first in a planned trilogy. In the superhero genre, where films are planned years in advance, this is nothing new. But Boone’s pitch for a New Mutants trilogy revolves less around plot ideas than it does genre ideas — with each New Mutants movie taking around a different horror subgenre.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Believes Warner Bros. Has Finally Figured Out Its DC Films UniverseMarvel Studios President Kevin Feige Believes Warner Bros. Has Finally Figured Out Its DC Films Universe The Marvel Cinematic Universe has found way more success than the DC Films Universe both critically and commercially but Kevin Feige now has nothing but good things to say about Warner Bros.' plans...

Justice League Cast Reveal Their Characters’ Weaknesses The cast of Justice League reveal what their characters’ greatest weaknesses are ahead of the film’s debut next month. Warner Bros. officially launched their DC cinematic universe (unofficially known as the DCEU) last year with Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Ben Affleck Reveals What Joss Whedon Brings to Justice League Ben Affleck has talked about Joss Whedon’s contribution to Justice  League, praising the film’s writer and reshoots director. The DCEU is on a roll after the massive success of Wonder Woman, which will be followed up next month by the much-anticipated epic team-up.

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