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Ryan Reynolds Shares Deadpool 2 Set Photos From Make-a-Wish-Visit It’s past Valentine’s Day, but Ryan Reynolds is still warming hearts with some adorable photos from a Make A Wish set visit to Deadpool 2. The follow-up to the massively successful Deadpool is set to hit theaters in May, and is currently filming re-shoots in Vancouver, BC, under the new working title ‘Daisy’. The reshoots are presumably nothing major, of course, but simply standard procedure for a major movie at this stage in the game.

Maisie Williams thinks New Mutants getting pushed was a positive thing Between the massive Marvel entries BLACK PANTHER and AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR there was meant to be a smaller-scale comic book film by the name of THE NEW MUTANTS gracing the screen. Not too long ago it was announced Fox was pushing the movie back about 10 months, which of course put a rain cloud over any comic book fan looking forward to something different. But star Maisie Williams thinks the... Read More...

Here’s Why The Millennium Falcon Looks Different In Solo: A Star Wars Story An explanation for the Millennium Falcon‘s different appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story has been provided. It goes without saying the origin story for Han Solo will feature the iconic ship, though some were thrown for a loop when its new look was revealed. For four decades, the Falcon has been the lovable “piece of junk” sporting all the wear and tear from years of activity. It’s such an old ship, a running gag in The Empire Strikes Back is how it doesn’t always work properly.

A New Rampage Trailer is Here (to Spoil the Entire Movie) Are you excited about the Dwayne Johnson video game adaptation of Rampage? Well, if you are, it might be a good idea to skip this latest trailer posted to the Warner Bros. UK Twitter account. There are a bunch of new scenes including showing off some of the jokes the movie will have. It also includes a major plot point, so if you don’t want to know anything more about this movie, it might be best to avoid this one. Get ramped up, Big meets Bigger! #RampageMovie hits cinemas April 13. — Warner Bros.

You Can Become Deadpool’s Second Friend On Twitter Deadpool is on the prowl for a new friend on Twitter, and it could be you. Anticipation is running high for the Untitled Deadpool Sequel, which is poised to be one of this summer’s biggest hits. The film was one of many studio tentpoles that made waves last week, offering fans a fresh trailer with a look at Josh Brolin’s Cable in action and all the shenanigans we’ve come to expect from the property (see: Deadpool playing with action figures).

Ryan Reynolds’ Josh Brolin Birthday Celebration Is Classic Deadpool As Josh Brolin’s muscular Cable prepares to butt heads with the sass-mouthed Deadpool in Deadpool 2, Ryan Reynolds is celebrating his costar’s 50th birthday in true Wade Wilson style. The great casting race to see who could be playing the time-traveling Cable was one of the hottest in Hollywood. However, beating the likes of Brad Pitt, Stephen Lang, and Michael Shannon, Brolin is the one sticking on a mechanical arm to suit up for David Leitch’s sequel.

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