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Marvel Releases 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Synopsis

11:59 AM 9/16/2014 by Jeff Giles
Eager for a studio-sanctioned glimpse of what's about to go down when Avengers: Age of Ultron hits the big screen on May 1, 2015? Good news, superhero fans -- Marvel has released the first official synopsis for the Avengers sequel, including a hint of what triggers the fateful conflict between our heroes and the evil AI who tries to send them to their doom.

The Download: Celebs' Leaked Photos, Crying Elephants, and Dwayne Johnson

3:39 PM 9/7/2014 by Binh Ngo
Jennifer Lawrence
Some celebrities got their phones hacked and their private photos are leaked online. We discuss that and more on this week's Download. Binh: If any of you are planning to release some nude photos of yourselves in an attempt to become some sort of instant internet celebrity, I gotta tell you, this is not the time to do it because yours will be competing with those of Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, and others because their phone accounts got hacked and their private pictures are out there for all to see. Jeff:


Luc Besson Says ‘Lucy’ Sequel Unlikely – Looks like Scarlett Johansson tops out at 100% brain capacity. 4 weeks 4 days ago via donnieyen

Weekend Box Office Report: ‘Lucy’ Conquers

4:52 PM 7/27/2014 by Logan Falk
Since the theaters have been going through a dry spell of sorts for quality films, the first batch of certified fresh releases were able to make a good showing of themselves—one in particular was able to make a good deal above its predicted gross, and easily make its way to the top of the charts.

Sound Off: Johansson in Luc Besson's 'Lucy' - What Did You Think? Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Imagine what she could do with 100%. Now in theaters is Luc Besson's Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson as Lucy, a woman caught in a dark deal who ends up gaining incredible powers when a drug gives her 100% brain capacity superpowers. Morgan Freeman also co-stars as a Professor explaining what's going on with her, and how/why she's gaining these powers. Choi Min-sik, Amr Waked, Julian Rhind-Tutt and Pilou Asbæk are also in the sci-fi action movie. Is it any good? Did Luc Besson get his groove back?

New in Theaters: 'Hercules,' 'Lucy,' 'And So It Goes'

1:09 PM 7/25/2014 by Logan Falk
This weekend is looking up a little from the last few weeks of mostly grim cinema—three new releases hit the theaters today, and while none are receiving rave reviews, they are certainly above the meager average ratings of the last few weekends.

Whether suiting up as Black Widow or luring oafish, young men to their otherworldly demise in Under the Skin, or wrangling Joaquin Phoenix with her voice alone in Her, Scarlett Johansson appears to be the ideal choice to play the next-level woman, a female character made supernatural with all the powers she beholds. So thank goodness writer/director Luc Besson has her front and center in Lucy, his latest sci-fi, evolutionary actioner that promises to blow your mind as well as your entertainment meter.


Review: Lucy

JoBlo - Wed, 2014-07-23 21:10

Review: Lucy PLOT: Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) – a young student living in Taiwan – is coerced into becoming a drug mule by a ruthless gangster (Choi Min-sik). When the contents of her package are absorbed into her blood, she suddenly becomes capable of unlocking dormant parts of her brain, making her virtually superhuman. REVIEW: LUCY is not at all the film I was expecting, nor the film that Universal... Read More...

Scarlett Johansson tears through Paris in new clip from Lucy: watch now A new clip has arrived online from Lucy, in which Scarlett-Johansson’s titular heroine takes a police car for a spin through the heart of Paris. Despite having never driven a car before, Lucy takes to it like a duck to water, albeit at the expense of most every other vehicle unfortunate enough to cross her path. The reason for her outrageous reflexes and reaction times? An accidental course of drugs that end up allowing her to use far more than the 10% of her brain popular culture would have us believe is the human average.

Scarlett Johansson Escapes in This Clip From Luc Besson’s Lucy Scarlett Johansson has no problems shooting people in Lucy it seems, also she pulls a bullet out of her shoulder without any tools, only fingers, hardcore stuff. Lucy makes Black Widow look like the nicest person in the world, and Black Widow is definitely not be messed with. Also, better know English if you don’t […] Read Scarlett Johansson Escapes in This Clip From Luc Besson’s Lucy on Filmonic.

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