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‘Noah’ Crosses $300M In Global Box Office – Since bowing in Korea and Mexico in late March, Darren Aronofsky’s Noah has continued to draw strong numbers in international waters. As of Sunday, it had an overseas cume of $197.4M, and a North American haul of $93M. Paramount and Regency Enterprises today say the biblical epic has sailed past $200M internationally, and nearly reached $100M domestic, pushing its worldwide cume to north of $300M. 1 day 1 hour ago via donnieyen

Jane Fonda, Bruce Greenwood Join Russell Crowe-Starrer ‘Fathers And Daughters’ – EXCLUSIVE: Voltage Films has set Jane Fonda and Bruce Greenwood to join Fathers And Daughters, the Gabriele Muccino-directed film that stars Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried, Aaron Paul, Diane Kruger, Quvenzhané Wallis and Octavia Spencer. Production just got underway in Pittsburgh. The film is a love story between a troubled father and his daughter who lives in New York 25 years after him, Crowe plays a famous novelist suffering from depression as he tries to raise his 5-year-old daughter. 1 week 4 days ago via donnieyen

Russell Crowe Confirms That He Won't Return For BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN – Russell Crowe's take on Jor-El was arguably the best yet, but as you can see from the interview above, the actor seems confident that he won't be reprising the role in Zack Snyder's Batman Vs. Superman. It makes sense, especially as it would take up a lot of the sequel's running time if they had to explain how Clark brought his father's A.I. 3 weeks 1 day ago via donnieyen

New in Theaters: 'Noah,' 'Sabotage'

5:16 PM 3/28/2014 by Logan Falk
This weekend, we’re looking at quite the schizoid set of new releases—one film, the more popular of the two with the critics, is an epic action film inspired by one of the oldest tales in human history, and the other is a cheesy action film from one of the classic action heroes who refuses to quit.

Seven Finds Russell Crowe’s ‘Water Diviner’ – Seven West Media and Seven Group Holdings have boarded as co-financiers of Russell Crowe's "The Water Diviner." 4 weeks 13 hours ago via jackiechan

‘Noah’: Indonesia Hops On The Ban Wagon – Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, which bowed to big numbers in Mexico and Korea last week, was not accepted for release in most of the Arab world which cited contradictions with the teachings of Islam. Indonesia, which has a heavy Muslim majority, has become the latest territory to join the fray. A member of the local censorship board told AFP today that the film was rejected over similar concerns as the other countries which have opted to ban the movie. 4 weeks 1 day ago via jetli

‘Noah’ Vatican Mystery Solved! Russell Crowe And Darren Aronofsky Meet Pope Francis – The trades got into it this week with Variety floating the boat that Noah star Russell Crowe’s attempt to meet Pope Francis was spurned by the Vatican, while THR refuted that was ever real because of the feeling Crowe’s stardom would attract too much attention. So what’s the truth? Deadline has learned that Noah star Crowe, director Darren Aronofsky and Paramount executive Rob Moore did in fact get to meet Pope Francis today, after the Vatican extended an olive branch and hosted the trio in the official VIP section of this morning’s Udienza. 5 weeks 5 hours ago via jetli

Early Buzz: ‘Noah’ By Darren Aronofsky Is Powerful, Ambitious – Noah represents a big change of pace for Darren Aronofsky in that it’s his first big-budget studio film. But those who worry that he’s sold his soul to Paramount Pictures needn’t worry. Following some early screenings, the word going around is Aronofsky is as bold and ambitious as ever — for better or for worse.

6 weeks 1 day ago via donnieyen

Russell Crowe Spent the Weekend Asking the Pope to See ‘Noah’ – Russell Crowe is eager to get the Pope onboard his ark. As Paramount ramps up promotion for Darren Aronofsky’s $100 million retelling of the biblical story of Noah’s Ark, a big part of the strategy has been courting the elusive — but potentially lucrative — religious audience. Aronofsky has been hosting a gallery in New York City featuring different artistic interpretations of the apocryphal tale, while the studio has pushed back against whispers that it’s not loyal enough to the Bible. 8 weeks 2 days ago via jetli

New in Theaters: 'Robocop,' 'Winter's Tale,' 'About Last Night,' 'Endless Love'

11:44 PM 2/14/2014 by Logan Falk
This Valentine’s Day weekend boasts quite the array of new releases, most of them related in some way to the amorous mood of the holiday, be it risqué rom-com humor, century-spanning adventure, or classic star-crossed lovers. And then there’s Robocop.
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