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Rumor: Is Warner Bros. Developing a LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES Movie? – With that ambitious release date list, clearly Warner Bros. and DC Films are doing everything they can to keep up with Marvel’s success.  Right now Guardians of the Galaxy is sitting pretty in the #1 spot at the box office, both for the weekend and for the year overall, so it makes sense that DC would want a space-set superhero team of their own. 6 years 12 weeks ago via jetli

Rumor Patrol: Warner Bros. Wants ‘Legion of Super-Heroes’ Movie – Guardians of the Galaxy is obviously the surprise movie success story of the summer. While it wasn’t a shock that it made bank at the box office – basically, every Marvel movie since The Incredible Hulk has – it is something of a shock that it’s been so successful, having broken numerous records and beaten out Captain America 2 for the highest-grossing domestic film of 2014.

6 years 12 weeks ago via donnieyen

Joaquin Phoenix Reportedly in "Final Talks" for 'Doctor Strange'

5:21 PM 8/28/2014 by Jeff Giles
Joaquin Phoenix
Hey, remember when Joaquin Phoenix fooled a bunch of people into thinking he was going to retire from acting to pursue a career in rap? Ha, ha, ha! If he'd followed that up by telling everyone he wanted to star in a movie about the Marvel Comics hero Doctor Strange, it would have seemed like another piece of insane performance art, but here we are in 2014, and Joaquin Phoenix starring in Marvel's Doctor Strange movie appears to be all but a done deal.

Sony's 'Spider-Man' Plans Reportedly Include Carnage, Female Superhero Movie, and More

3:49 AM 8/5/2014 by Jeff Giles
It will never stop seeming weird that a film grossing over $200 million domestically (and more than $700 million in all) is viewed as a flop, but the fact remains that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is one of the bigger disappointments of 2014, and its failure to meet expectations at Sony has triggered what's looking more and more like a complete franchise shakeup -- starting with the slew of spinoff projects the studio has planned.

Sigourney Weaver to Lead Stallone's 'ExpendaBelles'?

3:07 AM 8/5/2014 by Jeff Giles
With Expendables 3 right around the corner, and reportedly bringing Sylvester Stallone's all-star middle-aged action franchise to an end (none too soon, according to critics), thoughts are turning to Stallone's plans for a female-led spinoff, the somewhat insultingly titled ExpendaBelles. According to producer Avi Lerner, it'll happen sooner than later.

Kevin Smith To Make Girl Power Horror Movie And Jaws With A Moose

3:43 PM 7/26/2014 by Fred Topel
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith showed the trailer to his new horror film Tusk during his annual Q&A session at San Diego Comic-Con. Tusk sprung from a podcast about a UK hoax where a man offered free room and board to anyone who would be willing to wear a walrus suit. Smith made a horror movie where Michael Parkes really turns Justin Long into a landlord.

Joel Silver Still Developing Lethal Weapon Reboot, Matrix 4

10:09 PM 7/14/2014 by Fred Topel
Joel Silver
Joel Silver is producing a new TV show for Esquire Network called “My Friends Call My Johnny,” featuring businessman Jean Pigozzi interviewing the celebrity friends he’s made around the world. Silver and Pigozzi were on a panel for the Television Critics Association this week, and after the panel Silver spoke briefly about some of his gestating film franchises.

US Adaptation of 'Death Note' Gets New Director – According to The Tracking Board, the long gestating US adaptation of the popular Japanese manga Death Note may be getting new director. Shane Black (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Iron Man 3) had been attached to direct for the last couple years, but now that he is working on the Predator reboot sequel it appears he has had to drop out. 6 years 21 weeks ago via jackiechan

Jon Hamm Rumored for 'The Incredible Mr. Limpet'

10:01 AM 7/9/2014 by Jeff Giles
With the rapturously received Boyhood opening in theaters this weekend, director Richard Linklater has the cinematic world as his oyster, so it might seem strange that his follow-up could be a remake of a Don Knotts comedy from the '60s -- let alone one that boasts an absurdly talented cast.

New Harry Potter Story Doesn't Mean Daniel Radcliffe's Back

11:11 AM 7/8/2014 by Fred Topel
Daniel Radcliffe
J.K. Rowling made big Harry Potter news when she posted a new story featuring Harry on the Pottermore website. The story is in the form of a Daily Prophet article by Rita Skeeter, but it mentions an adult Harry attending a Quidditch event. Her timing was perfect for the Television Critics Association, as Radcliffe appeared before the TV press group via satellite from Broadway to promote his British series A Young Doctor’s Notebook airing on Ovation.
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