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'Hercules' Trailer Ratnerizes the Legend

11:45 AM 3/25/2014 by Jeff Giles
If you want to make a Hercules movie that works, you've got to go big or go home -- both in terms of your hero's physique as well as your approach to the level of cheddar-scented bombast that should coat every page of your screenplay. With Brett Ratner in the director's chair and Dwayne Johnson in the lead, MGM's Hercules would seem to have everything it needs to go big -- and judging from this first cheese-riffic trailer, very few action fans will want to stay home when the movie opens on July 25.

Rufus Sewell Joining Dwayne Johnson In MGM's 'Hercules' – EXCLUSIVE: Rufus Sewell is set to star as Autolycus alongside Dwayne Johnson in Hercules for MGM. Ryan Condal has written the film and Brett Ratner is directing. Ratner will produce with Barry Levine and Beau Flynn. After renouncing his mythological origins, Hercules lives in exile and fights as a mercenary for hire alongside his loyal but weary comrades. 9 years 15 weeks ago via donnieyen

New Green Band Trailer for 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' – A new Green Band trailer (as opposed to the slightly less work-safe Red Band trailer that was released a while back) for “Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter” has been released. Even without the more violent bits, the trailer still projects a great sense of fun and reassures audiences they’re in for a great time with this, a Timur Bekmambetov-directed flick starring Benjamin Walker, Dominic Cooper, Rufus Sewell, Anthony Mackie, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

10 years 5 weeks ago via brucelee

'Hell On Wheels' Actor Joins Thriller 'The Occult' (Exclusive) – Colm Meany joins Rufus Sewell and Anne Heche in the project, which details the strange goings-on within a religious cult. 10 years 16 weeks ago via brucelee

'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' International Trailer Offers More Plot Details – In the shadow of Lincoln's birthday, Twentieth Century Fox unleashed the first trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter which displayed some stunning production value, teased some jaw-dropping action set pieces, and some seriously splintering 3D graphics. 10 years 20 weeks ago via donnieyen

Paradise Lost

Posted January 27th, 2012 by Binh Ngo

Based on Milton's epic poem, "Paradise Lost" is about Lucifer's failed rebellion against God and his role in the fall of Adam and Eve. Warner Bros delayed production of the movie in order to trim the budget to something they're comfortable with. The latest rumor is that the movie may start shooting in June 2012.


'Paradise Lost' Could Shoot in June, Says Bradley Cooper – Several studios have been actively trimming and shedding projects over the past year. Universal cut loose a handful of board game movies (Ouija, Monopoly, etc.) and scrapped Guillermo del Toro’s At the Mountains of Madness, while Warner Bros. has paused or scrapped films like Akira, Arthur & Lancelot and Paradise Lost.

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All Things to All Men

Posted December 30th, 2011 by Binh Ngo

George Isaac is directing from his own script about a master thief who has both the police department and the local crime lord on his tail. The movie will take place in London.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Posted December 15th, 2011 by Binh Ngo

The death of Lincoln's mother by the hands, or by rather by the fangs, of vampires fuels his crusade against these supernatural creatures.


Sewell in Proyas' 'Paradise Lost' – Thirteen years after starring in Alex Proyas' sci-fi feature Dark City, actor Rufus Sewell and the director are reuniting on the silver screen again. This time around, it will be Sewell taking on a role in Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures' Paradise Lost, an update of the epic classic poem by John Milton... 10 years 34 weeks ago via brucelee
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