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Ron Livingston Joins David Foster Wallace Pic ‘The End Of The Tour’ – EXCLUSIVE: Ron Livingston has been cast in The End Of The Tour, the David Foster Wallace true-story pic that James Ponsoldt is directing from Donald Margulies’ adapted screenplay. Jason Segel stars as Infinite Jest author Wallace, who committed suicide in 2008 during a book tour at the start of his fame. 7 years 36 weeks ago via donnieyen

Parkland (It's a Sad Story)

11:23 AM 9/13/2013 by Sara Vizcarrondo
Named for the Dallas hospital that admitted a mortally wounded JFK and (days later) his assassin, Parkland finds ways to remind you the end of Camelot was a matter of high security…and now that enough people have died classified files have opened so we can make a low-rent ensemble pic about it.

Review: Touchy Feely (Less Handsy Than You Expect)

9:54 PM 9/5/2013 by Sara Vizcarrondo
Rosemarie DeWitt plays Abby, a massage therapist looking for an apartment. When her boyfriend (Scoot McNairy) casually suggests they move in together she struggles for a second before realizing it’s a blessing—but she’s not ready and her panic gives way to an aversion to touch that puts the breaks on her job and relationship.

Review: Three Cheers for 'Drinking Buddies'

8:37 AM 8/21/2013 by Jeff Giles
Drinking Buddies
It wasn't so long ago that a movie like Drinking Buddies -- low-budget, low-key, focusing on the romantic/career travails of moderately well-to-do young urban whites -- was the kind of thing you might bring home from the video store after dark (and a reluctant sigh) on a Friday. It has the look of the type of film that used to be the exclusive domain of actors like Craig Sheffer and Parker Posey -- just smart enough to keep you interested for 80 or so minutes, and just aimless enough to earn a direct-to-video release.

Buttercast: 'The Conjuring'

2:27 PM 7/23/2013 by Jeff Giles
The Conuring
Movies with Butter has a pair of film critics on staff, and they don't always agree -- but they do enjoy talking about movies. It's been too many months in the making, but we've finally managed to get back together for another episode of our Buttercast, featuring Sara Vizcarrondo and Jeff Giles sharing a difference of opinion over last weekend's horror hit The Conjuring.

Review: The Conjuring (Silly/Scary/True)

8:58 AM 7/22/2013 by Sara Vizcarrondo
Scan your mind for dumb horror movies and Chucky, the killer doll, is likely among them. So when this true story begins with a 16mm (or should I say 1666mm) recreation of a 1968 case featuring a possessed doll, you may laugh down your nose at it, but as you question why you’re in the theater, The Conjuring takes you in its clutches.

Review: 'The Conjuring' Remembers -- Then Forgets -- That Less Is More

12:55 PM 7/19/2013 by Jeff Giles
The Conjuring
Pity the poor horror movie fan. Perhaps only the modern romantic comedy proves a more consistently fruitless investment of time -- a once-mighty genre sapped of its potential by lazy filmmakers willing to bank (often correctly) on the audience's willingness to forgive cynical hooey disguised as effective formula. It's gotten so bad that whenever a horror flick comes along that manages to do anything even halfway original, it's hailed as a new classic.

Exclusive 1:1 Interview with The Conjuring stars Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston! – There is something spooky going on for Lily Taylor and Ron Livingston in their latest THE CONJURING. The James Wan directed feature offers these wonderfully talented actors the chance to take on ghostly encounters and much more. The two are fantastic as a husband and wife who are trying to protect their family from a dark and mysterious force that reportedly haunted the real life couple which they portray.

8 years 20 weeks ago via jackiechan

30 Things to Know from Our Set Visit to James Wan's THE CONJURING, Starring Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor – I'm standing in the basement of a farmhouse owned by Carolyn and Roger Perron. We watch as acclaimed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren go about their work, attempting to uproot the source of strange behavior reportedly occurring in the Perron house. Suddenly, Carolyn is lifted up into the air by an unseen force and sent careening through the air, smashing into the basement wall. 8 years 22 weeks ago via donnieyen

WonderCon: James Wan's The Conjuring Panel – Warner Bros. opened their WonderCon panel today with an early look at James Wan's The Conjuring , which stars Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Ron Livingston, Lili Taylor, Joey King, Shanley Caswell, Haley McFarland, Mackenzie Foy, Kyla Deaver and Sterling Jerins. 8 years 35 weeks ago via theothersenhman
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