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British actor Simon Pegg (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) recently opened up to the Radio Times about his thoughts on geek culture. While his somewhat controversial rant about the "dumbing down" of modern cinema may have seized headlines, it was his comments about the upcoming Star Trek sequel that made for a far more interesting read. Earlier this year, Pegg was revealed to be co-writing the sequel to JJ Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness, following Roberto Orci's departure from the project.

'Star Trek 3': Simon Pegg's Script Is Completely New Simon Pegg is currently making the press rounds for his latest comedy thriller Kill Me Three Times, and he's been fairly open about the scripting process on Star Trek 3. The actor, who plays Scotty in the sci-fi franchise, took over as writer, working alongside Doug Jung to redraft a new version of the script once Roberto Orci was booted off the sequel. And it appears that Roberto Orci's screenplay was completely tossed aside to make way for the ideas had by incoming director Justin Lin.

Simon Pegg To Co-Write Next Star Trek Film Star Trek 3 is getting back on course after the exit of Robert Orci as writer/director. Justin Lin (Fast And The Furious) was brought on to direct and now word is that Simon Pegg is being asked to co-write the script with Dark Blue creator Doug Jung. Pegg’s previous writing credits include the Edgar Wright directed Cornetto Trilogy (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End). Pegg will also reprise his role as Montgomery “Scotty” Scott… who may just get a bit more screen time in this film now. [Source: Deadline] Simon Pegg To Co-Write Next Star Trek Film

'Star Trek 3' Will Not Be Written by Roberto Orci, Either A couple of weeks ago, we learned that ‘Star Trek’ writer and producer Roberto Orci would no longer be making his directorial debut on ‘Star Trek 3.’ Shortly after, ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise helmer Justin Lin was tapped to direct the film, while rumors swirled that Orci had been booted over issues with the script. Those rumors seem to have been confirmed now, as Orci has revealed that he is only acting as a producer on ‘Star Trek 3' and nothing else. Continue reading…

Roberto Orci No Longer Writing ‘Star Trek 3′ Script Maybe one day we’ll get the full story of the behind the scenes drama on Star Trek 3. How people reacted when J.J. Abrams left, the potential directors coming in to pitch, Roberto Orci being hired as a first-time filmmaker, his subsequent departure, a second director search, the hiring of Justin Lin and more. It sounds like plot to a political thriller.

Roberto Orci Confirms His STAR TREK 3 Script Isn’t Being Used This doesn't really come as much of a surprise, but I suppose it's worth posting to get some clarity on a process that seems to be playing out in an unusually public fashion.  After vacating the director's chair, Roberto Orci has confirmed that his script for Star Trek 3 will not be used.

Paramount Pictures Sets July 2016 Release for Justin Lin's 'Star Trek 3' Briefly: Paramount has confirmed via Deadline that the next Star Trek sequel will be hitting theaters in July 2016. Yesterday it was revealed that Fast Five / Fast & Furious 6 director Justin Lin had scored the job of directing the highly anticipated sequel after Roberto Orci stepped down. For weeks there were rumors that Jonathan Frakes (aka Commander Riker) might also be in consideration, but they went with Justin Lin instead.


Justin Lin Will Direct Star Trek 3 According to Deadline, Paramount set four-time Fast and Furious helmer Justin Lin to direct the next Star Trek film. This news comes just over two weeks after Roberto Orci was removed from the job. If they plan to make the 50th anniversary of the franchise (2016), Paramount has to move quickly with Star Trek 3 […] Read Justin Lin Will Direct Star Trek 3 on Filmonic.

Roberto Orci says he won't direct but still "very involved" with Star Trek 3 Last week it was rumored Roberto Orci won't be helming STAR TREK 3, and in a post on's message board (which he's done in the past), Orci confirmed he will not be directing the film, saying he "will be very involved" and he and Paramount are looking for “the right director." It was also rumored the reason why Roberto Orci... Read More...

Roberto Orci Won't Direct Star Trek 3 Could Edgar Wright replace him?Eyebrows cranked higher than Mr. Spock's when Roberto Orci – intimately linked with the franchise through co-writing and producing J.J. Abrams’ first two Star Trek films – announced he was directing the third outing for the Starship Enterprise, despite zero helming experience. It’s less of a surprise to report that he’s no longer in the big chair.No reason was given for his departure, but he will be staying on the film as a producer, especially since he’s been overseeing the script he’s co-written with J.D.

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