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‘The Crow’ Reboot Will Shoot in January 2017 Relativity’s The Crow reboot has had so many stops and starts over the years, it’s gotten hard to keep track. It’s gone through several potential directors and as many potential stars, it’s weathered legal troubles and financial woes, and all along it’s suffered the deep skepticism of fans. So I totally understand if you don’t quite believe this next sentence.

Jason Momoa in talks to star in 'The Crow' remake In our golden age of spandex and superpowers, one superhero role has not proved enough for some actors. Ben Affleck, Ryan Reynolds, and Brandon Routh have each tackled two different heroes on-screen at this point, and now Jason Momoa looks ready to join their ranks. EW has confirmed that the once...

The Crow Remake Resurrected Again; Production Set For March The Crow remake is back on again. The Wrap reports director Corin Hardy has signed a holding deal with producer Relativity. Production is slated to being in March. Both it and the 1995 original are based on the comic book series by James O’Barr about an man returning from the dead to avenge himself and his fiancee on the men who ended their lives. The original film starred Brandon Lee as Eric Draven. Sadly, Lee was tragically killed on set when a gun misfired its blank shell. The film was successful and spawned a number of sequels and a television show.

Production Stalls On THE CROW Reboot After Studio Goes Bankrupt The Crow reboot has hit another snag. THR is reporting that pre-production has completely stalled, with an entire production crew said to have left the project. The blame, this time, lies with the studio, Relativity Media, which filed for bankruptcy on Thursday. This is only the latest in a long line of disasters for the reboot, leaving it perennially stuck in development hell for years. The project has so far endured a string of high profiling casting exists and a revolving door of directors.

'The Crow' Reboot May Be Dead Following Relativity Media Bankruptcy Earlier this week we learned that Relativity Media declared bankruptcy, as the studio reportedly owes on several past projects and is unable to pay up. That puts the future of many of their projects — completed and not — in question, including the repeatedly delayed Jane Got a Gun, as well as the reboot of The Crow. Both movies appear to be cursed. Continue reading…

‘The Crow’ Reboot Stalled Following Relativity Media Bankruptcy There are few current movie projects that have served a more troubled term in development hell than Relativity Media’s planned reboot of The Crow. James O’Barr, the creator of the comic book upon which the 1994 original was based, has said that approximately $20 million has already been spent trying to get the new adaptation off the ground, but despite plans to begin filming this fall The Crow still doesn’t have a lead actor attached. Relativity has bigger problems right now, however.

Actor Jack Huston Drops Out of 'The Crow' Remake Variety is reporting that “Boardwalk Empire” star Jack Huston has exited Relativity Media’s and Dimension Films’ remake of the “The Crow” citing ‘scheduling conflicts’ as the main reason for the actors departure.

'The Crow' Remake Wants Andrea Riseborough as the Villain Andrea Riseborough is reportedly in talks to play main villain Top Dollar in 'The Crow' remake, based on the original James O'Barr graphic novel.

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