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Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams Hated Each Other on the Set of ‘The Notebook’

thewrap.com – Great news, fans of “The Notebook” who are still depressed that they just can't seem to replicate that burning love between stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams: They hated each other at first! Celebrities, they're just like us! In an interview with VH-1 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the film, director Nick Cassavetes explains that the two stars got very heated early in production, and not in the way that had been intended. 8 years 22 weeks ago via theothersenhman

Lupita Nyong'o, Forest Whitaker And Rachel McAdams Join Boxing Drama Southpaw

cinemablend.com – After years of development, Southpaw is finally coming out to play. The boxing drama once courted Eminem before landing Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead, and now director Antoine Fuqua is going about filling out the cast. And would you believe he's enlisting People Magazine's Most Beautiful Person In The World, queen bee Regina George, and Ghost Dog?

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Rachel McAdams Exits 'Passengers' With Keanu Reeves, The Weinstein Company Drops Film

fb.indiewire.com – The long-gestating 2007 Black List-approved “Passengers” was resuscitatedlast year when TV vet Brian Kirk and The Weinstein Company aligned themselves with the Keanu Reeves-starring and produced sci-fi film and a release date was set for April 2015. Of course, just as quickly as a deal can come together in Hollywood, it can fall apart.

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Rachel McAdams Talks ABOUT TIME, Why She Loves Love Stories, Working on Cameron Crowe's Next Movie, and More

collider.com – From writer/director Richard Curtis (Love Actually), About Time is charming, endearing, heart-warming and, at times, a real tear-jerker. The story follows Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson), whose father (Bill Nighy) tells him, at the age of 21, that the men in their family have always had the ability to travel through time.

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Production Begins on Cameron Crowe's Untitled Hawaii Project Starring Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, and Rachel McAdams

collider.com – Filming is officially underway on writer/director Cameron Crowe’s next film. The “Untitled Hawaii Project” stars Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, and Rachel McAdams in the lead roles, with Alec Baldwin also reportedly in talks to sign on. The premise of the film apparently centers on “a defense contractor (Cooper) who is overseeing a weapons satellite launch from Hawaii who teams up with (and falls for) an Air Force pilot (Stone) to scuttle the launch. 9 years 8 weeks ago via jetli

Rachel McAdams Joins James Franco in 'Every Thing Will Be Fine' (Exclusive)

feedproxy.google.com – Charlotte Gainsbourg and Robert Naylor are also co-starring in the Wim Wenders drama, now shooting in Montreal. 9 years 15 weeks ago via jackiechan

Red Band 'About Time' Trailer Makes Time Travel Funny

9:17 AM 7/31/2013 by Jeff Giles
About Time
The last time Rachel McAdams signed up for a time-travel movie, the result was the disastrous The Time Traveler's Wife, starring McAdams opposite Eric Bana in a well-meaning but ineptly executed adaptation of the bestselling romance about the doomed love that develops between a young girl and her unstuck-in-time beau.


Watch the first four minutes of Brian DePalma's Passion, starring Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace

joblo.com – Director Brian DePalma is dipping his toe back in the erotic thriller genre that helped make him famous in the '70's and '80's with PASSION, his new film starring Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace. The film is a remake of the French film LOVE CRIME, but follows the same premise, which focuses on a "rivalry between the manipulative boss of an advertising agency (McAdams)... 9 years 18 weeks ago via donnieyen
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