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TRUE DETECTIVE Season Two certainly has its fair share of critics and detractors, but, if there is one benefit I found coming out of last year's run (in addition to a solid climax), it was that Vince Vaughn was able to shake loose a lot of his Vince Vaughn-ness. For years, it had felt like Vaughn was trapped playing this one particular character who moved from movie to movie and story to story, doing... Read More...

Term Life

Posted November 4th, 2013 by Binh Ngo

Movie based on Andy Lieberman and Nick Thornborrow's graphic novel.


QED Acquires Zombie Pitch '19'

deadline.com – EXCLUSIVE: QED International‘s Bill Block has made a preemptive acquisition of 19, a pitch that will be written by Jim Agnew & Sean Keller. The intention is to turn this into a trilogy. It involves zombies, but takes that genre in a new direction, in that everybody over the age of 19 turns into a walking corpse. 9 years 1 week ago via jetli
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