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Sounds Like AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Won't Be Getting An Extended Cut After All We told you a few days ago about plans for an extended cut and alternate ending for Avengers: Age of Ultron when it reaches DVD and Blu-ray. The information came from an email which was sent out by Amazon with a link to pre-order the sequel.

'Furious 7': China’s biggest movie ever Add Furious 7’s Chinese box-office numbers to its long list of records broken: It’s officially China’s biggest movie ever. Bringing in a total of $323 million, it breaks the $319 million record set by Transformers: Age of Extinction. In other words, Furious 7 has made...

"There Are No Chicks With Dicks" In The New Red Band TED 2 Trailer Say what you like about Seth MacFarlane, Ted was funny, and made a huge amount of money all over the world. Like US$550 million. That's Fast & Furious big. For a comedy, about Marky Mark and a CGI bear with a potty mouth.

Box Office: Top 10 Most Successful Harrison Ford Movies Harrison Ford is quite the legendary figure with over 45 years of box office hits under his belt, not something many can brag about in Hollywood. You can catch him right now in theaters in The Age of Adaline and later this year in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We’ve already established that Harrison Ford […] Read Box Office: Top 10 Most Successful Harrison Ford Movies on Filmonic.

The first Ted made something in the neighborhood of a bajillion dollars, so a Ted 2 was inevitable and they don’t seem to be messing with the formula all that much. The new red band trailer (which is NSFW in all kinds of ways) showcases everything that worked in the first one ... as well as everything that didn’t work. In short, you and you alone know if Ted 2 is going to work for you. Continue reading…

A little background on part of the filmWhile Brad Bird and his team are still doing their best to keep as many of Tomorrowland: A World Beyond’s secrets in reserve for the film itself, they are still exploiting some interesting avenues for promotion. Given the complicated alt-history plotline at the heart of the movie, the chance to offer a little background is a welcome one.

BOX OFFICE: AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Has Already Passed $200 Million Worldwide Avengers: Age of Ultron has opened with an amazing $201.2 million worldwide after just a few days of release. The sequel is outpacing The Avengers by 44%, and has so far only actually debuted in 44 markets. There are still many more to go, including North America next Friday (where it's expected to gross upwards of $200 million during its opening weekend). It reaches China on May 12th, another territory which will give the movie a massive boost. The chances of it topping the $1.5 billion haul of The Avengers are looking very good at this point.

If you grew up watching Walt Disney Presents — either as they were released or in syndicated re-runs — these "Tomorrowland" animated sequences will rocket you back to your childhood.

El Mayimbe Hangs Out With Vince & Crew & Visits The Set Of 'Entourage' BOOM!Literally.On the morning of March 17 last year, as I showered a 4.4 magnitude earthquake hit Southern California that originated near Westwood. I was in town from Queens, New York and crashing with a pal in Marina Del Rey which is not too far from Westwood.It freaked me out to say the least. Nice way to start a Monday. Then it hit me. The bros from Entourage, also Queens transplants never really experienced an earthquake in any of the episodes of HBO's long running hit show now being turned into a feature.I loved the show and I'm super excited for the movie. Why?

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