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If you asked me to assemble a list of my favorite comic series of all time, books that I would recommend to anyone, even people who weren’t comic book fans, writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Pia Guerra‘s Y: The Last Man would probably land somewhere near the top of the list. It’s a stirring adventure story, a brutally honest coming-of-age tale, and one of the most politically charged and thoughtful post-apocalyptic narratives ever told. And don’t get me started on that perfect final issue. Seriously.

Rogue One: VFX Team Reveals Fate of Rebel Fleet Heroes Rogue One: A Star Wars Story paved a lot of new territory for the Star Wars franchise as the first stand-alone spinoff movie. While it took place during events in which fans were already well versed, there was still new ground covered and new details about the Star Wars universe were revealed. The ultimate result of the movie was never a mystery.

Octavia Spencer Bought Out a 'Hidden Figures' Showing for Low-Income Families Like many American moviegoers, I caught the new film Hidden Figures over the weekend. And throughout the true-to-life account of three pioneering women of color that broke boundaries at NASA, one thought kept reoccurring to me (well, two, if you count my realization that I am deeply in love with Janelle Monae): that much like the Wu-Tang, Hidden Figures is for the children. The story’s prevailing message that gender or skin color shouldn’t hinder anyone from achieving excellence is precisely what the youth in this country need, arguably now more than ever.

Rogue One Passes Finding Dory at 2016 Domestic Box Office Rogue One: A Star Wars Story continued its massive run at the box office in its fifth week in theaters. Although its streak at No. 1 in the weekly box office is poised to end, with awards season contender Hidden Figures expected to take over the top spot, Rogue One has bigger aspirations in mind. After blowing by Captain America: Civil War’s domestic box office total of about $408 million, Rogue One had its eye on Finding Dory for the No. 1 spot on the yearly box office leaderboard.

Ben Affleck Wants a Better Batsuit If He Directs The Batman Ben Affleck wants a more comfortable Batsuit before he officially commits to directing The Batman.

Over the past week, I’ve been revisiting the Friday the 13th series with one simple, stupid goal: I was going to rank every single person killed by Jason Voorhees (and his fellow murderers) in the entire series. There turned out to be 181 of them and I ranked them here and here. But throughout the process, other questions kept cropping up: which Friday the 13th movie is your favorite? How would you rank them? Is The New Blood really worse than Jason Takes Manhattan?

I feel like a 4-year-old boy when I say it, but Monster Trucks is my #1 movie of 2017. Of course, this being only the second week of January, it's also my only movie for 2017 so far. But speaking of 4-year-old boys, I've heard tell that that's exactly who thought up the concept of this movie: a Paramount Studios exec's very young son. Monster Trucks = trucks with monsters in them!

Ben Affleck Plans to ‘Embrace’ The Pressure of Making Batman Before his days as the Dark Knight of Gotham, Ben Affleck built up an impressive track record in recent years, proving not only his talent in front of the camera but behind it. Affleck’s directorial outings have all been critical success stories, leading fans to favor the idea of him directing the next Batman solo film.

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