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Book To Screen: What Changed And What Stayed In 'A Walk Among The Tombstones' "The challenge is to translate the feel of those novels into something visual, and then from a story standpoint, the moves in these stories are very small," writer/director Scott Frank told us about bringing Lawrence Block's 1992 book "A Walk Among The Tombstones" to the big screen. "...And the challenge is to make those little moves feel big enough that they warrant a movie. Once upon a time you could. In the sixties and seventies and even going back to film noir, the private eye story was very common.

'The Interview' Red-Band Trailer: Seth Rogen and James Franco Are Gettin' Rowdy in North Korea Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are back! The new red-band 'The Interview' trailer shows the duo, who brought us such classic debauchery as 'Superbad,' 'This Is the End' and 'Pineapple Express,' are already starting up some drama with their Kim Jong-un assassination story. If that premise alone isn't enough to make you gasp, how about some NSFW talk of "Matthew McConaughey goat f***," and getting "f***** by RoboCop"? Continue reading…

‘Gone Girl’ Early Reviews: Another Triumph for David Fincher It’s hard to think of a director better suited to direct an adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s twisted missing-person mystery novel Gone Girl than David Fincher, whose filmmaking career so far has woven a successful path from gory serial killer thrillers like Se7en to true-life drama about the evolution of the social media age in The Social Network. Adapted for the big screen by Flynn herself, Gone Girl lies somewhere between these extremes.

Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: September 21st, 2014 The YA adaptation reigns supreme at the box office this weekend, while a typically reliable action star struggles. In at number 1 is The Maze Runner (read our review) with $32.5 million. That’s obviously not Hunger Games or Twilight type numbers, but it’s still a great start given the fickle nature of the YA adaptation. With no notable stars to speak of, The Maze Runner‘s audience was likely comprised of book fans, but that’s not a bad turnout all things considered.

After weekend success, Maze Runner sequel Scorch Trials coming in 2015 While just over $30 million domestically may not be anything to brag about for some films, it is enough for 20th Century Fox to greenlight the sequel to THE MAZE RUNNER. With $60 million internationally after it's debut weekend, THE MAZE RUNNER looks to be a moderate success and one the studio is willing to roll the dice on one more time. Variety reports that THE MAZE RUNNER: SCORCH TRIALS is now set for a... Read More...


Bruce Wagner Tells the Dark Story of Writing Cronenberg's 'Maps to the Stars' – But together, Cronenberg and Wagner, along with Cannes Best Actress winner Julianne Moore and her excellently creepy costars Mia Wasikowska, John Cusack, Olivia Williams and Robert Pattinson make this black void somehow feel sinister and real. In a recent Guardian op-ed, Wagner opened up about the famed script's thwarted journey, how Oliver Stone inadvertently pushed him into writing it, why this isn't "a satire" and why "Maps to the Stars" is a dead serious ghost story. 8 hours 39 min ago via theothersenhman

All the New Interstellar Posters Several posters have recently dropped for Christopher Nolan's upcoming sci-fi epic Interstellar, so we've collected them all for you here. Starring the one and only Matthew McConaughey as well as Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine, Anne Hathway, Topher Grace, and Casey Affleck, the film is coming soon -- on November 7 in the US (and that same week mostly everywhere else). So take a look at the gallery of posters below as you prepare for "the end of Earth"...

“It’s a much darker film than I was expecting,” Trent Reznor said a few months ago about David Fincher’s upcoming drama/thriller “Gone Girl.” “The book is not exactly uplifting or happy, but it’s a nasty film.” A nasty David Fincher film? Scored once again by Trent Reznor and co-composter Atticus Ross? Sold. “Gone Girl” will be the third collaboration between Reznor, Ross and Fincher; they’ve scored “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” and even become Academy Award winners for their bruising “The Social Network” score.

James Franco Can't Stop Smelling His Stinky Penis in ‘The Interview’ Red Band Trailer (Video) James Franco and Seth Rogen are heading to North Korea — and they're bringing a planeload of raunch with them. Franco and Rogen star in the upcoming comedy “The Interview,” about a pair of tabloid TV journalists who score an interview with Kim Jong Un and get enlisted by the CIA to kill the North Korean leader. See video: Jimmy Fallon Gets a Shirtless James Franco and Seth Rogen for His 40th Birthday But as a newly released red band trailer for the film reveals, Rogen and Franco tackle a lot more than international policy in the movie. The pair must also contend with pho

TUSK Clip Uses "Itsy Bitsy Spider" Better Than THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Did In the twenty years since his influential debut feature, Clerks, Kevin Smith has established himself as a singular voice in the American indie landscape with his wry observations of disaffected youth culture. With his 2011 horror film, Red State, and his new film, Tusk, Smith reinvents himself by bringing his comedic chops to a new, disturbing milieu.

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