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LEGO Movie Directors Turn Down Ghostbusters 3 – Well, that didn’t take long. The directing team of Phil Lord and Chris Miller will not direct Ghostbusters 3. The news comes just weeks after it seemed likely they would replace Ivan Reitman, who left the project shortly after the death of star Harold Ramis. Coming off back-to-back hits with 21 Jump Street and The LEGO Movie (not to mention Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs), Lord and Miller have their pick of projects. 2 weeks 1 day ago via brucelee

‘Lego Movie’ Filmmakers in Talks to Direct ‘Ghostbusters 3' (Exclusive) – Hot off “The Lego Movie,” Phil Lord and Chris Miller are in early talks to direct “Ghostbusters 3” for Sony Pictures, an individual familiar with the project told TheWrap. Sony declined comment, while a representative for Lord and Miller did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 4 weeks 5 days ago via jackiechan

Report: Phil Lord & Chris Miller Looking At Directors Chair For 'Ghostbusters 3' – In an industry hellbent on rebooting, remaking, spinning off and repackaging toys, comic books, TV shows and more, Phil Lord and Chris Miller are the rare example of guys who make whatever they touch fresh, creative and hugely entertaining. On paper, it was hard to see what "21 Jump Street" could become, but in execution, Lord and Miller created a ludicrously hilarious buddy movie. 4 weeks 6 days ago via theothersenhman

Interview: Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the Men Who Built The LEGO Movie – Remember when it seemed like a terrible idea for Hollywood to make a big screen comedy out of 21 Jump Street ? Or an animated feature film version of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs that bore little to no resemblance to Judi and Ron Barrett's classic children's book? 11 weeks 15 min ago via jetli

With 100% Tomatometer So Far, The Lego Movie Is Shaping Up as One of the Best-Reviewed Movies of 2014

8:50 PM 2/4/2014 by Binh Ngo
The Lego Movie
The Lego Movie won't be in theaters until this Friday, but if the trend holds, it is a candidate for one of the best-reviewed movies of 2014. As of this writing, the movie has a 100% on the Tomatometer, with 22 reviews counted, making it the best-reviewed wide release of the year.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller Talk '22 Jump Street'

7:18 AM 7/30/2013 by Jeff Giles
21 Jump Street
It seemed like a fool's errand, but directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller managed to take the eminently cheesy '80s cop show 21 Jump Street and turn it into one of 2012's funnier action comedies -- and now they're tempting fate twice by getting down to work on a sequel.

'21 Jump Street' Directors, Sony Reunite on New Comedy (EXCLUSIVE) – Sony is planning “The Reunion” for Phil Lord and Chris Miller, setting up the comedy project for the “21 Jump Street” duo to produce with Miller directing from his own script. Details of the story are being kept under wraps other than it taking place at a high school reunion. 42 weeks 5 days ago via brucelee

First 'The Lego Movie' Trailer: All the Pieces Fit

5:10 PM 6/18/2013 by Jeff Giles
Lego Movie
There's really no getting around how ludicrous a Lego movie sounds, but Warner Bros. sure is giving it their best shot -- first they assembled a crack creative team, then they ponied up for a killer voice cast that includes Chris Pratt and Will Arnett, and now they've unleashed a trailer that actually makes this whole thing look like it might be fun.

'The Lego' Movie Gets a Synopsis

2:56 PM 3/22/2013 by Jeff Giles
The Lego Movie
If you've been reluctant to believe The Lego Movie (which until recently went by altogether more wonderful title Lego: The Piece of Resistance) is actually real, we sympathize -- but honestly, in a studio climate where anything with the slightest bit of name value is fair game for a film adaptation, it was really only a matter of time before Lego hit the big screen.


'Lego' filmmakers: 'This could be the craziest movie ever'

Lego – Phil Lord and Chris Miller say the film will incorporate stop motion and CGI. 1 year 45 weeks ago via brucelee
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