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Check out concept art for a Fantastic Four cameo in Tim Miller's Deadpool 2 DEADPOOL 2 contained more than its fair share of easter-eggs and cameos, but there were plenty which were left on the floor during development, including an appearance from the Fantastic Four themselves. DEADPOOL 2 screenwriter Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick had previously discussed an idea for Chris Evans to reprise his role as the Human Torch during the X-Force auditions, but there was apparently a... Read More...

The Infamous Baby Hitler Scene In ‘Deadpool 2’ Is Being Restored For Home Release 20th Century Fox Marvel is depriving us Taylor Swift jokes on Donald Glover’s Deadpool animated series, but we’re getting something even better: baby Hitler! When Deadpool 2 came out earlier this year, co-writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick told UPROXX that one of the scenes left on the cutting room floor involved the Merc with the Mouth going back in time to kill a young Adolf Hitler. “We shot it and we put it in front of an audience,” Reese said.

‘Deadpool 2’ Will Get an Extended Cut: Here Are the Deleted Scenes We Know About Deadpool 2 only just arrived in theaters this past weekend, but director David Leitch is already teasing a director’s cut. Right now, the cut of Deadpool 2 that audiences can see in theaters clocks in at exactly 2 hours. But before that cut came together, there was an early version of the film that David Leitch put together in order to show producers. The initial cut of the movie came in at 2 hours and 12 minutes, and that’s the version Leitch is working on restoring with Ryan Reynolds and writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. So what will the Deadpool 2 extended cut include?

Deadpool 2 Enlists Former Daredevil Showrunner to Help Finish Script Drew Goddard has stepped in to help Paul Wernick, Rhett Reese and Ryan Reynolds finish the script for Deadpool 2.

Deadpool 2 writers are also working on the Zombieland sequel Sure, DEADPOOL was a big hit and everyone is anxiously awaiting the upcoming sequel, but screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have another much anticipated sequel which they've been working on for quite some time: ZOMBIELAND 2. A sequel to the surprise zombie hit has been in the works pretty much since the first was released back in 2009 and, aside from a brief detour in which is was... Read More...

The Deadpool Twitter account has unveiled the final bonus feature specs for the film’s upcoming Blu-ray release, which includes deleted scenes and an optional audio commentary with director Tim Miller and Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld. Star Ryan Reynolds also headlines a commentary track with writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese. So expect plenty of talking on this Blu-ray, which is fitting for Deadpool. In fact, it’s a little surprising Deadpool himself isn’t offering a yack track.

DEADPOOL Writers Downplay 'Real Heroes' Opening Credit But There's Actually Some Truth To It Speaking to Creative Screenwritng, Deadpool screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick discussed those hilarious opening credits which listed the director as an "Overpaid Tool", the producers as 'Asshats' and the screenwriters as 'The Real Heroes'.  Reese and Wernick tried to downplay those credits, saying it was just a bit of fun.  "We came up with that actually.  We just figured that it was a fun nod to the heartache as we’ve had on this thing over the last six and a half years.

Deadpool ‘Superhero Landing’ Clip; Lots of Promotion Planned For Super Bowl After being stuck in development for many years, Deadpool is finally getting his own big screen superhero movie. Bringing back Ryan Reynolds from X-Men Origins: Wolverine as the Merc with a Mouth, Tim Miller directed the feature from a script by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese (Zombieland). Deadpool will follow Wade Wilson as he undergoes an experiment that grants him new abilities – and a new take on the usual superhero approach to crime-fighting. In keeping with the main character’s offbeat humor, the promotional lead up to the release of Deadpool has been less than normal.

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