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'Inherent Vice' From Page To Screen: The 6 Biggest Changes From The Book “She came along the alley and up the back steps the way she always used to. Doc hadn't seen her for over a year. Nobody had. Back then it was always sandals, bottom half of a flower–print bikini, faded Country Joe & the Fish T–shirt. Tonight she was all in flatland gear, hair a lot shorter than he remembered, looking just like she swore she'd never look.” Whether your first experience with “Inherent Vice” is Thomas Pynchon’s sprawling, hazy novel or Paul Thomas Anderson’s sprawling, hazy film, this opening passage should be familiar.


Film Review: Inherent Vice

Latino Review - Fri, 2014-12-12 19:35

Film Review: Inherent Vice Inherent Vice is filled with flaws, but it's all the better for it. It's a wild, silly, confusing mind-trip with hypnotic acting (and music!) and oddly, a lot of heart. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, the film is based on the 2009 novel by Thomas Pychon.Taking place in the 1970s, the story follows Joaquin Phoenix's Larry "Doc" Sportello, a drug-fueled Los Angeles detective who investigates the disappearance of his former girlfriend Shasta, played by the seductive Katherine Waterston. But Shasta's disappearance is only the beginning of Doc's problems.

Sound Off: Paul Thomas Anderson's 'Inherent Vice' - Your Thoughts? Now that you've seen it, what did you think? "But if you're Doc, it may all start to get a little peculiar after that..." Now in theaters is the latest from acclaimed filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson, an adaptation of Thomas Pynchon's novel Inherent Vice, starring Joaquin Phoenix as PI "Doc" Sportello. This stoner comedy/drama/mystery begins when Doc looks into the disappearance of an ex-girlfriend named Shasta, played by the effervescent Katherine Waterston.

California Love: Ranking the Films of Paul Thomas Anderson Two movies. That’s all it took for every single Paul Thomas Anderson movie to become an event. His first film, Hard Eight, opened with relatively little fanfare. His second, Boogie Nights, announced to the world that Anderson would be a filmmaker to celebrate. One whose work we would anticipate, possibly revere. With each subsequent film, film fans everywhere have salivated to find out what Anderson has in store for us next. The latest event, Inherent Vice, opens in limited release this weekend.

Watch: Paul Thomas Anderson Narrates A Scene From 'Inherent Vice' Plus New Pics Tomorrow night, folks lucky enough to live in New York or Los Angeles will get to experience Paul Thomas Anderson's "Inherent Vice." Or, if you managed to be one of the folks in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Miami, Oakland, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Seattle, Toronto, and Vancouver to scoop up a ticket for the advance Saturday screenings you'll be getting a taste sooner than the rest of us as well.

Paul Thomas Anderson‘s “Inherent Vice,” which drew wildly mixed reviews when it premiered at the New York Film Festival, will be a centerpiece gala at the 2014 AFI Fest, the American Film Institute announced on Wednesday. The film will screen on Saturday, Nov.


Watch: Paul Thomas Anderson Explains Why 35mm Film Should Stay 'Alive' – "It's playing tonight at Alice Tully Hall," said the director, referring to the theater's 35mm projection of the film at the New York Film Festival. "Luckily, we're able to still keep that alive and going — I started doing at the beginning, so it's the only way I know how to do it," said Anderson who talked about the excitement of projecting on film and "all the nerves that accompany that. 10 weeks 5 days ago via brucelee

Listen: The Full ‘Inherent Vice’ Soundtrack Featuring Radiohead, Neil Young, Can & More Paul Thomas Anderson’s doped-up, stoner mystery noir “Inherent Vice” premiered this weekend at the New York Film Festival (our review). It lead to elation, confusion and more, because it’s a sprawling film with a crazy narrative, but it’s also beautiful, moving and has lots on its mind.

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