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Will Ferrell And Kristen Wiig Cancel Plans For Lifetime Movie 'A Deadly Adoption' So, is this like the comedy version of the presumably destroyed footage of "The Magnificent Ambersons?" If you were excited about the Will Ferrell and Kirsten Wiig starring Lifetime movie "A Deadly Adoption," we have some bad news for you: it's not happening. To recap: news dropped on April 1st —which was underscored by an assertion that this wasn't an April Fool's day joke— that Ferrell and Wiig had secretly completed a campy dramatic thriller of the sort Lifetime is known for.


G.I. Joe 3 Gets A Rewrite

Empire Magazine - Thu, 2015-04-02 02:08

G.I. Joe 3 Gets A Rewrite Aaron Berg goes from Section 6 to the special forcesThe clamour from outside the studio walls might not have been as high as inside it but Paramount is pushing ahead with a third G.I. Joe film, hoping to build on the box-office success of the first two. D.J. Caruso is confirmed as directing, and now Section 6 writer Aaron Berg is aboard to re-write the script.Evan Daugherty was the last person to take a crack at the script, which back in 2013 was said to be returning some characters from the first movie to rejoin the ranks alongside the likes of Dwayne Johnson’s Roadblock.

Interstellar hit home video Tuesday and our friends over at Screen Junkies have picked Christopher Nolan‘s latest for their new installment of their signature Honest Trailers series.

This Week: A fantastic week includes the epically satisfying Interstellar, an Oscar-calibre Benedict Cumberbatch, and HBO's killer combo of Veep and Silicon Valley. ► There may have been better films than INTERSTELLAR last year, but I doubt there was a better movie. Thoughtful, intense, scary, emotional – everything about Christopher Nolan’s epic... Read More...

'Star Trek 3': Simon Pegg's Script Is Completely New Simon Pegg is currently making the press rounds for his latest comedy thriller Kill Me Three Times, and he's been fairly open about the scripting process on Star Trek 3. The actor, who plays Scotty in the sci-fi franchise, took over as writer, working alongside Doug Jung to redraft a new version of the script once Roberto Orci was booted off the sequel. And it appears that Roberto Orci's screenplay was completely tossed aside to make way for the ideas had by incoming director Justin Lin.

Simon Pegg Discusses Star Trek 3 'It's weird to take ownership...'Out on the rounds for Kill Me Three Times, Simon Pegg is, naturally enough, fielding a lot of questions about Star Trek 3. As revealed back in January, he's not only returning to the Enterprise as Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, but has also stepped up to the plate to co-write the next instalment with Doug Jung (Confidence). "It's terrifying!" he laughs."It was a difficult decision," Pegg told Collider. "I hemmed and hawed about it, a little bit, because it felt like a big responsibility. I owe J.J.

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson head to the Eiffel Tower for Zoolander 2 Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson broke out their Zoolander and Hansel for the Valentino show during Paris Fashion Week earlier this month, and they show no signs of slowing down. In a marketing campaign that's too good to pass up, the two are continuing their modeling career across Europe with a visit to the Eiffel Tower. There's no video this time around but with moves this fierce, I can... Read More...

Hannibal Writer Turns To Friday The 13th Nick Antosca to script the next Jason VoorheesThere's been an eerie silence at Crystal Lake since the 2009 Platinum Dunes Friday The 13th, which was followed only by legal tangles and creative problems. Since then there's been talk of a new TV series, but the 13th film in the franchise is now moving forward again too. David Bruckner, as previously reported, is directing, and the film now has a new screenwriter in Hannibal's Nick Antosca.Last we heard, Damian Shannon and Mark Swift (Freddy Vs.

Watch: Full Theatrical Trailer for 'Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation' "This may very well be our last mission." Yesterday brought a quick one-minute teaser trailer for Mission: Impossible 5, which has been given the official title of Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation. This time the IMF, which is now being dissolved by the CIA, is being hunted down by a group known as The Syndicate. And now the full theatrical trailer has arrived giving us much more of the problem that Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his team have to deal with this time. After being a little hesitant yesterday, I think I'm officially excited to see this one.

This is How Interstellar Originally Ended Interstellar co-screenwriter Jonathan Nolan recently revealed how his original screenplay for the sci-fi epic ended before his brother, also the film's director, Christopher Nolan rewrote it. Please be advised the following contains SPOILERS about how the finished version of Interstellar ends! Jonathan Nolan and the movie's science adviser/producer Kip Thorne were promoting the forthcoming Blu-ray release at Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Lab when Nolan was asked about its divisive, and to many befuddling, ending, which Jonathan is said to have jokingly replied, "You’ve got the wrong brother." Nerdi

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