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Watch: 20-Minute Sky TV Special 'Interstellar: Nolan's Odyssey' Plus Another Helpful Timeline Infographic We're entering weekend two of "Interstellar," and there is already much material concerned with the film on TV and throughout the web, should you need to buttress your particular point of view.

Watch: 40-Minute Discovery Channel Special 'The Science Of Interstellar' Narrated By Matthew McConaughey Now that you’ve seen “Interstellar” in whatever format you preferred, maybe you’re curious about the science behind the sci-fi movie but feel more than a little intimidated to take on the new book by executive producer and theoretical physicist Kip Thorne, “The Science of Interstellar”?

Why Are Christopher Nolan Fans So Intense? The last time Christopher Nolan released a movie, film critics got death threats. That was back in 2012, when Nolan released ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ and the first writers who dared to stray from the positive consensus about the film received waves of overwhelming backlash. After Marshall Fine published his pan, his site and his page on Rotten Tomatoes were both bombarded with angry comments politely requesting he “die in a fire” and hoping someone would beat him into a coma with a “thick rubber hose.” Continue reading…

“Selma” is vital correspondence, filmmaking lived on the streets where brutal facts were ignored then reported, and now snatched back from history to sustain a spirit few films can or will possess. It is stunning humanistic cinema on a mainstream scale, made by a group of unconventional artists. Premiered in an unfinished cut at AFI Fest, this rarely feels like any biopic you’ve seen. It has inventiveness, urgency, humor, and most of all emotion that draws effortless parallels rather than leaving its lesson up on the screen. Even the title cards offer something fresh.

Focusing on one specific period in the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “Selma” is one of the best American films of the year — and indeed perhaps the best — precisely because it does not simply show what Dr.

International Box Office: Interstellar Blasts off with $82.9 Million Interstellar had a successful launch overseas after a not very impressive domestic debut, easily taking the top spot ahead of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Interstellar offered a strong $82.9 million start from 62 markets over the weekend, with South Korea’s $14.4 million debut being the best so far. That’s more or less on par with […] Read International Box Office: Interstellar Blasts off with $82.9 Million on Filmonic.

70mm? IMAX? DCP? How Format Affected Our Theatrical Experiences With Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' A little under 90 years ago, conversations were probably had by the editors of The Playlist Gazette & Cinematograph Pamphlet (then a thrupenny half-sheet available from your local grime-faced newsboy) about which of us was gonna travel all the way to the Big City to see that moving picture “The Jazz Singer” with synchronized sound, and which of us would stay in the sticks and watch the silent, cue-card version.

5 Christopher Nolan Movie Criticisms That are Totally Valid WARNING – SPOILERS for All Christopher Nolan Movies! - It’s fair to say that Christopher Nolan has been one of the most influential directors of the new millennium.

Party Report at AFI Fest: Jessica Chastain, Katharine McPhee, and Woody Allen Karma (Photos) Related stories from TheWrap:Jessica Chastain on 'Interstellar' vs. 'A Most Violent Year' PR Battle: 'Don't Ask Me to Choose One Movie Over Another''Inherent Vice' Scores AFI Fest Centerpiece Gala

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