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Release dates for Scorsese's Silence and The Revenant with Leonardo DiCaprio Great news for those of you who have been following Martin Scorsese’s long-developed passion project SILENCE, we have even more confirmation that it is actually happening. He’s been working on the adaptation of the Shusaku Endo novel for over twenty years and things are finally firming up with a great cast and now a release date. The film will start production this year with Andrew... Read More...

Paramount Plans 2015 Release for Martin Scorsese's 'Silence'

8:42 PM 7/14/2014 by Binh Ngo
Martin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese's big screen adaptation of Shusaku Endo's novel, Silence, may be coming to theaters in November 2015, according to Deadline. Paramount is in talks to distribute the picture domestically. The story takes place in 17th century Japan, where a young Jesuit priest is sent to investigate the circumstances surrounding his former mentor.

Alec Baldwin in talks to join Mission: Impossible 5 Mission: Impossible 5 has lined up another A-list cast member to join its ensemble, with Alec Baldwin currently in talks with Paramount. According to Deadline, the studio has him earmarked for the role of the head of the CIA, although no deal has been struck as yet. Meanwhile, Jessica Chastain has reportedly turned down the opportunity to take the female lead, with the studio now turning to alternative targets. Rebecca Ferguson, star of TV’s The White Queen is thought to be top of the list to replace her in the role, which will be to play some sort of assassin.

BOX OFFICE: TRANSFORMERS 4 Is China's Highest Grossing Movie Ever...After 2 Weeks There's cash to be made in the Middle Kingdom -- something Hollywood has definitely copped onto. Marvel earned a few extra dollars at the Chinese box office when Iron Man 3 shot certain scenes specifically for that territory, and now Michael Bay has taken this to a whole new extreme by casting the likes of Li Bingbing and Han Geng in prominent roles, and actually moving the action in Transformers: Age Of Extinction to China in the final act.

Alternate Lockdown, Hound & Drift Designs - TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION Come check out some fantastic final and unused designs, created by Vitaly Bulgarov, for Paramount Pictures' Transformers: Age of Extinction. There's facial variations for Lockdown, Hound and Drift. There's also lots of designs for Lockdown's robot modes and weapons: rifle, grenades, ammo, extractor and spark container. LOCKDOWN DESIGNS LOCKDOWN WEAPON DESIGNS HOUND DESIGNS GALVATRON DESIGN DRIFT DESIGNS TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION - The film begins after an epic battle that left a great city torn, but with the world saved.

Box Office Results: New Movies Overshadowed by Transformers Any proof that this year's summer box office has been faltering only has to look at this year's 4th of July offerings which seemed rather weak compared to past years when franchise like "Transformers" and "Spider-Man" dominated. In fact, only two movies grossed more than $20 million this weekend and one just barely, as four new movies failed to find much of an audience over the returning movies.

What's Wrong With TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION? Acting as a soft reboot, Transformers: Age of Extinction brings together Mark Whalberg, Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor in what can easily be called the biggest film in the franchise so far. But does bigger necessarily mean better? Check out the embedded video below for a light-hearted look at where Tranformers: AOE went wrong and be sure to subscribe to Mr Sunday's new channel, If you liked this, check out the official Comic Book Movie Podcast The Weekly Planet below, the latest episode of which looks at Transformer: Age Of Extinction.

4th of July Box Office a Major Dud as Newcomers Fail to Ignite “Transformers: Age of Extinction” topped Friday's fizzled July 4 box office, as potential moviegoers found their fireworks elsewhere. The holiday is running nearly 40 percent behind last year, when “Despicable Me 2,” “The Long Ranger” and “The Heat” drove a $223 million weekend. The primary culprit was the calendar.

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