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Bruce Willis-Led 'Death Wish' Remake Shooting for November Release Decades before Taken got tooken, Charles Bronson went on a revenge rampage. Liam Neeson had his very particular set of skills, but in 1974’s Death Wish, Bronson had a well-kempt mustache, a dead wife, a hospitalized daughter, and a white-hot grudge. The middle-aged man cut a violent swath of retribution through the criminal underground in search of justice for the female members of his family, and in doing so, spawned a genre of brutal, occasionally sadistic action films rooted in mature masculinity.

Tom Cruise Reveals 'Top Gun' Sequel Title, Plus More Details Tom Cruise has slowly been building anticipation for a sequel to his 1980s smash hit Top Gun, which launched him into the stratosphere of Hollywood leading men. The sequel has been in development for years Back in 2014, we heard that a new script was underway with a new writer. The next year, producer David Ellison teased the possibility that the movie might include modern drone technology, but Cruise made clear that he wanted to fly for real, with "no CGI on the jets." More...Read MoreRead Comments

Last week, one of my more anticipated video games of 2017 arrived: Friday the 13th. Well, part of it did. The game is being released in two parts: the multiplayer component, where players can play as camp counselors and the hockey-masked menace who wants to murder them, became available on last Friday. The single player mode is expected to arrive later this summer. Still, my horror nerd heart was all aflutter in my anticipation to play as Jason or one of his teenage victims.

Oblivion’s Joseph Kosinski Rumored Frontrunner To Direct Top Gun 2 Yesterday, we learned that the long-awaited (by somebody) sequel to Top Gun 2 was in the works and would film sometime this year, according to a revelation from star Tom Cruise on an Australian talk show. Now, Variety is reporting that Joseph Kosinski, who directed Cruise’s lukewarm 2013 sci-fi movie Oblivion, is Paramount’s frontrunner to direct the Top Gun sequel. Val Kilmer is also said to be interested in returning.

Top Gun 2 Will Begin Shooting in 2018 Says Tom Cruise Tom Cruise confirms Top Gun 2 is still happening at that shooting will take place sometime next year.

Paramount Kills Production on 'Friday the 13th' Reboot Paramount performed a little maintenance on their calendar last night, removing both World War Z 2 and the repeatedly delayed Friday the 13th reboot from their upcoming release schedule — but that’s not all. The studio has reportedly completely shut down production on their new Friday the 13th project, which was set to begin filming in just six weeks. With no release date (again) and pre-production halted, it seems that Jason Voorhees’ revival may be delayed indefinitely. Continue reading…

Paramount Removes Brad Pitt's WORLD WAR Z Sequel From Their Upcoming Release Schedule It's not looking too good for the zombie apocalypse as Variety is reporting that Paramount Pictures has officially taken their World War Z sequel off the release calendar, which is not entirely shocking considering the film hadn't even begun filming yet. However, what is shocking is that they haven't provided a new release date for the sequel, which almost definitely suggests fans may have to wait even longer to see part two of Brad Pitt's zombie adventures. The film, which lost its original director J.A.

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