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Can ‘Indiana Jones 5’ Find Redemption? Indiana Jones 5 has a production date. But, can they give us what we need to make a truly great sequel? At the Rakuten TV Empire Awards in London, Steven Spielberg confirmed that Indiana Jones 5 will start filming in April 2019. It’s exciting in the sense that we’ve finally got a confirmed start date for production. That said, this isn’t quite a news item. It certainly isn’t the first time we’ve hit the this-is-not-a-drill stage.

Steven Spielberg Reveals ‘Indiana Jones 5’ Production Start Date Steven Spielberg has teased the production start date for “Indiana Jones 5,” saying that he will start filming the next adventure next spring. According to multiple media reports, the director confirmed at the Rakuten TV Empire Awards on Sunday night that he will begin production next April in the United Kingdom. “It’s always worth the trip when I get to work with this deep bench of talent coming out of the UK,” Spielberg said during his acceptance speech, according to

Eli Roth's remake of DEATH WISH was released just days ago, but it hasn't exactly found a warm reception, with some taking issue with the timing of its release so soon after the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. As it seems that there's some form of mass tragedy every other week, I can't imagine when the appropriate timing would be, but I suppose that's an... Read More...

In the wake of a series of controversies surrounding popular YouTuber Logan Paul, MGM has removed Rachel Lee Goldenberg’s Valley Girl remake from its release schedule.

New Red Band Grindhouse Trailer for Eli Roth's 'Death Wish' Remake "If a man really wants to protect what's his, he has to do it for himself." Ready for some gritty Grindhouse action? MGM has released a new red band trailer for Eli Roth's new remake of the 1974 action movie Death Wish. This is a "Grindhouse" trailer, referencing both the 2007 film and the all original ultra-violent, low-budget films that were released this way in the 70s. We've already seen two trailers previously, but this one is a bit better because of the style.

Second Trailer for Eli Roth's 'Death Wish' Remake Starring Bruce Willis "If a man really wants to protect what's his, he has to do it for himself." MGM has launched the second official trailer for Eli Roth's new remake of the 1974 action movie Death Wish, which originally starred Charles Bronson. We posted the first trailer back in August of last year, since it was originally scheduled to open in November, but was pushed back until release this March. This newest version of Death Wish stars Bruce Willis as a doctor at a hospital who decides to become a silent vigilante when his family is assaulted.

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