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Review: ‘Zoolander 2’ Starring Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Penélope Cruz & Will Ferrell The bend/break rules of comedic malleability are well established, but do not forget the dictum that schtick barely expands. If cinema has taught us anything, it’s that there's nearly a zero-tolerance policy for the comedy sequel, one of the most difficult nuts to crack. And while comedy follow-ups are something Paramount Pictures have been curiously invested in of late ("Hot Tub Time Machine 2," “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues”), “Zoolander 2,” Ben Stiller’s largely tiresome, predictable and belated sequel to his 2001 fashion-world comedy, is not a wise bet.

'Zoolander 2' tries to recreate the magic of Magnum in new clip In a new clip from Zoolander 2, Ben Stiller’s Derek Zoolander tries to recreate the modelesque look that stopped a throwing star in mid-air. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t go as smoothly as he hoped.  The new footage shows his old partner in crime, Hansel (Owen Wilson), attempting to force...

Derek Zoolander (Ben Sitller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) thought they were retired from the world of high-fashion modeling. But when some of the world's top celebrities are assassinated while flashing Zoolander's iconic "Blue Steel" look, they are brought in to help solve the case. But who could be behind these heinous crimes against the beautiful people? All signs point to Mugato (Will Ferrell). The runway will never be the same. In this hilarious (and painful) Fandango...Read MoreRead Comments

Full International Trailer for 'Zoolander 2' Featuring Penélope Cruz "What do you know about fashion?!" Paramount has debuted a new international trailer with tons of extra footage for the comedy sequel Zoolander 2, starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. We all just saw the full-length US trailer a few weeks ago, so it's good to follow up with even more footage and some of the best reveals from that trailer (including Will Ferrell as Mugatu ripping off that fat suit and some of the other visual gags). There's a a lot more with Penelope Cruz, and a better glimpse at Benedict Cumberbatch with creepy long hair, in this trailer.

5 Reasons ‘Zoolander 2’ Trailer Has Us Pumped Up With the release of the “Zoolander 2” trailer on Wednesday morning, fans of the original 2001 Ben Stiller film have plenty to be excited about. The new movie reunites Stiller and Owen Wilson as male models Derek Zoolander and Hansel.

Zoolander 2 Posters: Long Time No Z Zoolander 2 is the forthcoming sequel from writer, director, and star Ben Stiller to his original feature film property from 2001, featuring the dimwitted runway model Derek Zoolander and his professional competitor Hansel McDonald (Owen Wilson).

Why No Mention of Thailand or Its Language in Owen Wilson/Pierce Brosnan Thriller "No Escape"

1:11 PM 8/29/2015 by Senh Duong
Owen Wilson in "No Escape"
When I was writing my review of the Owen Wilson/Pierce Brosnan action thriller “No Escape,” I was surprised -- and curious -- to find that there’s NOT a single mention of Thailand in the film’s official synopsis. It just uses “Southeast Asia” as the setting.

Daily Box Office: "No Escape" Opens to $1.2M on Wednesday

1:12 PM 8/27/2015 by Senh Duong
Owen Wilson in "No Escape"
I was predicting Owen Wilson’s action thriller “No Escape” to do $15M this weekend. Well, it looks like I’ll be wrong. According to Deadline.com, “No Escape” took in $1.2M yesterday, and that includes $300K from Tuesday evening screenings.

"No Escape" Review: Tense, Action-packed, and Thrilling

10:34 AM 8/26/2015 by Senh Duong
No Escape
The last thriller from Owen Wilson that I could remember is “Behind Enemy Lines,” an action thriller from 2001 that I liked. Compared to that, “No Escape” is just as tense, but more dramatic because of the family element. “No Escape” doesn’t waste any time setting up the premise. Once Wilson’s character Jack Dwyer and his family -- wife and two girls -- lands in Thailand, the film gets rolling.

Ben Stiller Is Back To Ask The Ultimate Question In Zoolander 2 Teaser Fifteen years after Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson thrilled us with the vacuous lifes of male-models as action heroes, the duo are back as Derek Zoolander and Hansel. The two have returned to modeling when a rival company decides to take them out from the business. Will Ferrell will reprise his role of Mugatu. Zoolander 2… or 2oolander… opens February 12th, 2016. Click here to view the embedded video. Ben Stiller Is Back To Ask The Ultimate Question In Zoolander 2 Teaser

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